XXL Freshmen 2014 Cypher – Part 3 – Troy Ave, Jon Connor, Lil Bibby & Jarren Benton

XXL Freshmen 2014 Cypher – Part 3 – Troy Ave, Jon Connor, Lil Bibby & Jarren Benton 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2014年的,Troy Ave, Jon Connor, Lil Bibby & Jarren Benton!



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[Produced by Don Cannon]

[Verse 1: Jon Connor]
Jon Connor在此 感谢人民的支持【Jon Connor发行了The People’s Rapper LP以致敬Eminem】
It’s Jon Connor, the people’s rapper
听好了 心怀梦想 从年少轻狂到野心勃勃
Uh, look, ey, start with a dream, young and naive and then they grow the ambition
阻碍重重 为了母亲不懈奋斗
Fucked up conditions, put my mom’s in a better position
See I’m the future like a psychic prediction
我是艰苦环境中的才子 在拘留所度过万千日子
I’m from the school of hard knocks, shit I did life in detention
养育我地方无处没有枪响 梦想必定消亡【Jon来自密歇根州弗林特,当地犯罪率居高不下】
I’m from where niggas get shot down, dreams get shot down
Wish the hood would let us live but all we heard was “block out”
Now I’m further than what they believed I’d achieve
Cause Flint niggas don’t even want you to have dreams when you sleep
放低期望 接受现实赶紧死心
Low expectations, no expectations, know what you facing
去他妈的阻碍 我绝不向艰难低头
Fuck the odds I proved you can get up from under a basement
刻薄小人我见过不少 对你表面殷勤背后插刀
I been with scandalous bitches that will take you for granted
Roll with scandalous niggas only taking advantage
人们那你的宽容当作把柄 引你上当环环相套
People take your kindness for weakness, taking you through the ringer
匪帮横行 生活残酷 人生没有协议可定
It’s a gang bang, life is a bitch and it’s not a pre-nup
生活混乱不堪 肮脏糜烂 我们严苛治理
Life is dirty, shit box dirty, and we’re playing clean-up
不经历风雨怎能觅见彩虹【Ike & Tina这里指Ike Turner家暴事件,Martin & Gina即情景喜剧Martin】
Go through the Ike & Tina, before the Martin & Gina
玩着老鹰抓小鸡 和鲨鱼翻云覆雨
I play follow the leader and I done swam with the sharks made it out the Aquafina
兄弟们如水蛭一般齐心 把沼泽变成沙滩
Niggas turned into leeches, turned these swamps into beaches
你一旦有了成就 周围人便记恨于心 鄙视于你 羡慕嫉妒恨【”Eureka!”表示突然发现或得到某物,相当于汉语中的“有了!”】
My people saying “Eureka!”, niggas pretend, they hate you, they despise you, they ain’t you
Niggas is full of shit that’s why they probably empty
God promised a feast how you gon’ tempt me with Denny’s
怂货们胆小如鼠 一点小事就奔波逃散
Niggas and bitches rats, stay away from mickey’s and minnie’s
I fend for this city, when I ain’t have a friend in this city
滴水之恩 我必涌泉相报【two cent这里指他人的意见和建议】
Adding in your two cents? I’ll show you what to do with them pennies, look
我曾一度迷茫 一次次的崩溃悲伤
My intellect been a wreck, crash course on this real shit
在我的故乡每天都有伤亡 有屁别他妈在网上放
In Flint, every day is a Virginia Tech, fuck rating on the internet
在网上评论算个屁 在外面却没胆浪
Fuck what popping off in comments, pop off in public
我兄弟们出生入死 我和我的厂牌 史上最强!【AVM是Jon自己的独立厂牌】
My niggas is into that, Jon Connor AVM, Aftermath, best in the world nigga!

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
Jarren Benton半兽人在此【tyrannosaurus即霸王龙】
Uh, Jarren Benton, half-man, half-tyrannosaurus
我自然而生 穿越星河落于丛林之中
I wasn’t born I was thrown out a spaceship and landed in an abandoned forest
灰熊那我没辙我自由放荡【改编了童话故事“Goldilocks and the Three Bears 金发姑娘和三只熊”】
The Grizzly bear trapped Goldilocks in a pan of porridge
闻我耳目你便无处可逃 瘫痪慌张
I call my name and you’re fuckin’ scared you can’t ignore us
我他妈就是个牧师 上帝之子
Go get a damn thesaurus, the preacher, the son of God
Only way you fuckin’ with Mister Benton, no facade
把人扔进沙滩 海市蜃楼都被吓跑
I put a man in the desert sand, that’s no mirage
I go gambit on niggas and pull your poker cards
I go loco mark open heart surgery, with no power tools
我他妈就是怪兽 将你碎尸万段
A fuckin’ monster, I will devour you
I’m Cujo and cocaine with rabies in them
像Casey Anthony一般眼看着孩子们死去【Casey Anthony是一位谋杀她3岁女儿的母亲】
These kids dying like Casey Anthony babysitting
I’ll fuckin’ fuckin’ rip your tonsils out
And throw your dead corpse in a tool shed in my uncle’s house
爱我的兄弟Lil’ Boosie 但先放了Mumia【Mumia Abu-Jamal是非裔政治分子】
I got love for Lil’ Boosie but free Mumia
These niggas signing like three-sixty deals for two New Kias
草 TLC现在都开丰田Rav4
Shit, TLC got a Rav-4
You might catch me in a Prius with a bad whore
I snatch a rapper out the sunroof of a Jaguar
吐不出个正经词 不知道整天在BB啥
You ain’t a spitter, then what the fuck do you rap for?
Niggas like “I ain’t a rapper, I’m a trapper”
Then stay inside the trap or get eaten by the fuckin’ master
这里是嘻哈 用金链和才华把你秒杀
Of ceremonies, it’s hip hop, with a gold rope and a pair of ponies
Can’t grab a bitch by the ponytail ‘cause the hair is phony
Moving from African Gods to Amistad
These niggas going broke is still stunt in they momma’s car
Funk Volume在此 整个夏天谁敢造次【Jarren来自Funk Volume厂牌】
It’s FV twenty-one-four the summer’s ours
你就是个男女不分的怂货 懦夫之子
And you a bitch in a woman’s skirt, son of a coward
谁火的不行 我就立马灭了他的傲气
The fireman, I extinguish these niggas out fast
Redman,Eminem,Goodie Mob,Outkast的作品激励着我前行
I grew up off of Red, Em, Goodie Mob, and Outkast
I keep the Wu-Tang sword propped on the front seat
That’s your favorite rapper? To me that nigga just lunch meat
我是Jarren Benton 愿好兄弟Jahmal Pryor能够安息
Jarren Benton, Rest in Peace Jahmal Pryor

[Verse 3: Lil Bibby]
Uh, Let me talk my shit
Bands in my pocket so I walk like this
Just spent 80 grand when I bought my whip
Lou told me to lease it but I bought my shit
And I came in the game like LeBron James
先来钱 再出名 然后家喻户晓
First the money, and the fame, then the broads came
看看你的团队 人虽多 却全是废物
See your clique, fifty deep, but they all lame
Young nigga stacking books like a card game
They like “How the fuck is he a freshman?”
Young nigga spitting better than the veterans
我独当一面 为何还他妈让我和别人一起拍封面【XXL杂志封面为同年新人合影】
I need the cover, why the fuck I gotta sit with them?
The whole world know these words ain’t compared to him
没错 我就是狂妄 和阿里一样强壮
Uh, yeah the kid’s so cocky, feeling like Ali
没人能够阻挡 别人痴心妄想
Niggas can’t stop me, jackers wanna rob me
想看我出糗 我小弟就在身后【暗示自己后台很硬】
Opps wanna pop me, that’s why I keep a lil’ bro right beside me
我来自芝加哥 货真价实的匪帮生活
I’m from the Chi, shit real in this motherfucker
谁瞎逼逼 就没有好下场
Fuck around, get killed in this motherfucker
我是偏执狂 该严肃时我不会嚣张
Paranoid, I can’t chill in this motherfucker
Can’t leave without the steel in this motherfucker
These niggas keep saying “Don’t trip”
我勇往直前 只愿不会落后不前
Climbing to the top, I just hope I don’t slip
人们纷纷投怀送抱 我绝不会是墙头草
Niggas sending threats and I never been a bitch
我备足军火 绝不会两边倒
So I’m steady buying guns, youngin feeling like tilt
我Lil Bibby身经百战见得多了
Lil’ Bibby I’m the same old pimp
No more Ramen Noodles, just lobsters and shrimp
I could be in jail tryna talk through them vents
Or running from the cops, probably hopping a fence
But, I’m in the drop with the tints
Flow so sick it don’t make no sense
Niggas be mad I don’t take no pics
Chain so froze I could take your bitch
But I don’t even need ice though
And this that eighty-four mic flow
我不和人玩beef 虐人都是分分钟
We don’t rap beef, my squad a little psycho
Plus these rap niggas suck like Lipo
I ain’t forgot about the old me
Straight off the block now I’m ballin’ like Kobe

[Verse 4: Troy Ave]
经典派Troy Ave在此
Troy Ave, with the classic feel
经得起考验 办事不曾犹豫
Bands be racking, major without a deal
我最牛逼 眼见为实耳听为虚
I’m that nigga, if you got eyes you could tell
你们看着我成长 看我在XXL发光
You’re seeing me rise, you’re seeing me with XX-L
代表我的家乡 我不辜负期望
Putting on for my city and I’m doing it well
我风格多变就像The Stylistics一样【引用The Notorious B.I.G.的单曲Dead Wrong】
So much style I should be down with The Stylistics as well
就像Biggie和Jay-Z 我后来居上
This like BIG and Jay, Troy Ave hit after
我代表着街头 和别人不一样
I represent the streets, I ain’t these weirdo rapper
Self-paid nigga came from whipping the batter
Hit the bank they like “Who is this young stacker?”
开宝马 玩校鸡 哈哈 没错 这就是我【HP即BMW M5,PSB即Psycho Study Bitch,LL即Laughing Loudly】
HP, PSB, HE, double-L yes, oh baby, yeah, it’s me
皮条客 骗子 毒贩子 这也是我
Ho spillers, smooth skinner, dope dealer
恨我的都滚出纽约 我绯闻又狠又多
Mad niggas be out in New York, my buzz iller
我醉生梦死 身披Tommy Hilfiger定制
I’m an ill nigga, Dungarees by Hilfiger
As a lil’ nigga coming up, now I’m bigger
在这牛逼圈子 一群傻逼歌手起着傻逼名字
In the dope game, then these fraud niggas with rap names
我已街区为名 Troy Ave在此
I’m named after my block, Troy Ave mane
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, still in this street thang
We’ll be at the Barclays, Nets vs. Heat game
伙计 你整天吹牛逼我咋没见着你
Man, where these other niggas seats man?
伙计 这票可贵着呢
Man, these seats ain’t cheap, man
These other niggas weak, man
Talking ‘bout they proud of me
关注我的一举一动 但我风格自由随性
Pay attention to my moves but I style for free
These bum nigga styles ain’t no style to me
Dickriding never been transportation, B
军火不缺 Troy般事 就是猖狂
Powder, Troy Ave biz, we reckless
纽约第一 其他随意
New York City shit, uh huh



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