XXL Freshmen 2014 Cypher – Part 1 – Chance The Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, August Alsina & More

XXL Freshmen 2014 Cypher – Part 1 – Chance The Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, August Alsina, DJ Drama, Kevin Gates & Vic Mensa 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2014年的,Chance The Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, August Alsina, DJ Drama, Kevin Gates & Vic Mensa



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XXL 2014 Freshmen Cypher Part 1
XXL Freshmen
Ft: August Alsina, Chance The Rapper, DJ Drama, Isaiah Rashad, Kevin Gates & Vic Mensa
Produced By: DJ Don Cannon

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]【此段Verse来自Kevin Gates的单曲Reckless】
Lot of grievances and wish tales on the wrong niggas
K’s sound like grey hounds, they long winded
初心疲惫 校园甜心 你们为何分离
Week start, high school sweetheart, what’s wrong with him?
就像爱情电影 三八线画的和身体并齐【Black snake moan即电影黑蛇呻吟,电影里主要对一个弱女子蕾,由于受到生活的现实,不得以靠身体来换取生活费,但是她想脱离这种魔鬼般的生活日子。】
Black snake moan, tre-eight long as bone tissue
Lay on side my son and he’s like ”Daddy, what’s wrong?”
有些逃避现实的习惯 比如结婚的话题我从不考虑
Few elusive habits, won’t consider marriage I’m gone
我吃过枪子 被捅过刀子 活的像杯劣酒
I’ve been shot, I’ve been stabbed, had like cheap liquor
从哪跌倒就从哪爬起 我就像是昌西【C. Billups即昌西·比卢普斯,NBA明星,于2014年退役】
Slipped then got back on my feet like C. Billups
我赌局上输光过钱 醉酒后吐光过真言
I done lost my money gambling, loudmouth rambling
Did a lot of lying ’til my women couldn’t stand it
Nigga killed my brother so I took him from his family
在我脸上纹了数滴泪痕 我自成一派
Went and got some tears in my face, now I’m branded
All I ever wanted was some money like Sandy
LV眼睛送给佳人 璀璨人生
Louise Vuitton shades for my dame, life fancy
Sweet face then I lick her pussy like nasty
But I ain’t like her boyfriend if you was just asking

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
喂 谁啊
Wait, who is this?
哟 等等 我不清楚
Ayo, wait, I don’t know
我忙着XXL Cypher 现在真不方面跟你讲话
I’m doing this XXL shit, I can’t really talk on the phone right now
Smack刚打给我 我现在越来越火
Smack called me, I was getting some head
他说 不如来拍个XXL杂志封面吧
He said ”come do this XXL cover instead”
我说 必须的 让妹子洗干净等着
I said ”for sure, bust a bitch on the bed
给她一记颜射 告诉我何时何处再碰面
Bust a nut on her head, tell me when and where and it’s dead”
In the moment feels like a rush don’t it?
Me hopping on the plane to fly to New York with no advance
From my non-existent label to spend
Money I’m spent, funded my tour in Europe
Paid it for myself
When a bunch of nigga’s labels probably paid for the spot
我不清楚 也许是 也许不
I don’t know, maybe not, could’ve been genuine
我嘲笑着养育我的地方【Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood是美国儿童剧】
I laugh at Mr.Rogers in the hood
告诉街坊邻居就是穷逼 他们的人生需要重整
Told him why these niggas is brokeboys, they need reassembling
我就像网球公开赛 曾经的人生过于局限 现在我自由如愿【Wimbledon即温布尔登网球公开赛
I’m Wimbledon, used to be innanet, now I’m a free man like Morgan
自由管理 三个经纪人 我就是我自己的A&R【A&R(artist and repertoire)是唱片公司下的一个部门,负责发掘、训练歌手或艺人】
Free agent, three agents, the A&R man and a midget on my foreskin
嘿 科比都没我过得如意
Hey, Kobe, tell me how my ass taste
They should save my shit for the outtakes
我可能会镇压全场 带着枪逃离犯罪现场
I might take everyone out, flee the scene with the murder weapon
逼着你给我跪舔 霸占你的地盘对你竖起中指
And a dick in your mouth, feet on your couch and my middle finger’s up
穿着我的Timberland 你的事与我无关
With my fucking Timb spot cause I don’t give a fuck

[Hook: August Alsina]
Be on my grind and my hustle all day
宝贝 我光芒耀眼 永不熄灭
Baby, I’mma shine, keep it bright always
And I be on the grind on the block all day
我从不放弃 全天努力
I’mma hustle all day, I’mma hustle all day
你知道我从不放弃 全天努力
You know I’mma grind, I’mma hustle all day
And baby I’mma shine like a light always
你知道我从不放弃 全天努力
You know I’mma grind, I’mma hustle all day
你知道我从不放弃 整天努力
I’mma hustle all day, I’mma hustle all day, yeah

[Verse 3: Isaiah Rashad]
看着 现在连XXL都得给我掏钱
Look, I’m on this XXL getting this paper
我告诉她 她如狐狸精般火辣
What I told her, she was slick as a fox
像歌曲一样美妙 对我低语 你是否会爱我
Sweet as the cadence, tell me, baby, you gon’ love me or not?
With my dick in her mouth
我只是消遣 目视着天花板的双眼
I’m just chilling, my eyes glued to the ceiling
Just imagine getting closer to God
My uncle tried to stand on money then grab on something
没有羁绊 没有支撑 没有买账的人生
Then have no knots and have no nothings and can’t afford that
人生转折 和妻子流亡天涯
Swerving, just left service with Aunt Berlin
戏剧般的生活把她逼疯 靠租车为生
The Drama got her busy, this tenant is cart serving
活得像个垃圾 为家庭琐事烦心
Serving a junkie, maybe his family or something
That said that math just be exquisite when we pimping them bitches
Don’t twist a cabinet in the kitchen unless you working them riches
等等 我们继续 我们可没空跟你玩把戏
Hold up, but we continue, we ain’t washing no dishes
Laughing niggas laughing to the cashier
I don’t really give a fuck
是自己囧态百出 你不得崩溃啊
Getting to acting baffled, should not crash ya
告诉过你该来的终究会来的 兄弟
Told you you’d get it, nigga

【这段词来自Chance的歌曲Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)】
[Verse 4: Chance The Rapper]
这个小屁孩 怎么可以红遍大江南北【包括TDE在内的众多厂牌都想签下Chance】
Young black boy, how he got the labels scared?
A&R’s be like “Chano, you ain’t playin fair”
You gon’ set a bad example for the average bear
像瑜伽熊般成为小孩子的休闲乐趣【yogi即电影Yogi Bear】
You a yogi, you should idle while in child’s position
我会说 看 这些都是我的孩子 这叫产前护理【与上文Yogi照应】
I be like, naw, these my sons, this prenatal care
I’mma show ’em how to make it here and make it fair
说到这可能有人会跟我过不去 但我不在意
Take it there they could kill me and I ain’t gon’ care
你就是个踝沙带 比蛋糕还轻【踝沙带用来锻炼腿部肌肉,这里暗讽对chance说三道四的人】
You is just an ankle weight, lighter than some angel cake
比槭浆还腻 比玩ableton还容易
Sweeter than some maple syrup, easier than ableton
整个盘子在整个小丑 给我玩个杂技
Make a plate and make it player, make ’em play it
Just don’t count your sheep before they hatch
你去玩你的先有鸡再有蛋 在你祷告之前我就会吃光你的晚饭
You chickens ‘fore your eggs or eat ‘fore you say your prayer




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