XXL Freshmen 2013 Cypher – Part 3 – Dizzy Wright, Logic & Angel Haze

XXL Freshmen 2013 Cypher – Part 3 – Dizzy Wright, Logic & Angel Haze 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2013年的,Dizzy Wright, Logic & Angel Haze



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XXL 2013 Freshmen Cypher – Part 3
XXL Freshmen
Ft: Angel Haze, Dizzy Wright & Logic
Produced By: Jahlil Beats

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
I tried to take the time to become someone’s inspiration
音量开到最大 一起聊聊教育文化
Turnt up to the max, but talked about education
Preached how marijuana was the healing to the nation
把Bob Marley纹在身上助我越过难关
Tatted Bob Marley face to help me through all my phases
This living life shit is startin’ to take a hold on me
靠着口头诗歌起家【verbalizing poetry即rap】
Started out with verbalizing poetry
Murdalizin’ any instrumental anybody tried to throw at me
And that’s when hip-hop started to grow on me
你可以以我为豪 因为我从不跟风
You could say that I’m proud, cause I wasn’t followin’ crowds
I was stuntin’ on all them niggas that was runnin’ they mouth
Surpassed my expectations on anybody with doubts
用真相当作食粮 怂货们为何另眼相向
Feedin’ niggas the truth, why you niggas lookin’ spoofed?
The beginning to gettin’ what I deserve
在这罪恶充斥的人生 胜利只有靠自己争取
Cause in this life of sin, you only winnin’ when it’s earned
So niggas gettin’ handouts is liable to burn
没错 你可以现在风光 可是马上就会落汤
Yeah, you could shine now, but it’s probably gon’ die down
So when it quiet down for the day
And you broke cause throwin’ money seemed cooler than tryin’ to save
伙计成熟点吧 做好计划 让自己更加完美
Nigga be a man, make a plan, be a better nigga and
给自己的人生找一个方向 奋斗下去
Try to find a way to make a way, keep it G

[Verse 2: Logic]
I keep it real all the time
我的团队亦是如此【Logic来自RattPack,意为Real All The Time Pack】
Like my crew when I rhyme
靠着适者生存的思想身为杀手为强【引用Nas热单N.Y. State Of Mind,其制作人为DJ Premier,与句中Prime呼应】
Just a killer in his prime with that predator state of mind
I’m set to detonate
Stack my bread and watch the paper escalate
别把我的命运挂在嘴边 我出名快得就像Mary Kate【玛丽·凯特·奥尔森美国女演员】
Don’t test my fate, Logic finna blow like Mary Kate
我像莎士比亚般扮演着我的角色 RattPack始终真我本色
I play my role like Shakespeare, RattPack ain’t no fakes here
I conceal my talent like a 357
11岁气就匪气横行 低调行事
Ever since I was 11 been a G, chillin’ on the low key
隐姓埋名 像万磁王般无所不能【引用X-Men情节】
Incognito, manipulate the steel like Magneto
像打蚊子般虐杀对手 心散神不散就像在罚球
Smackin’ suckas like mosquitos, dispersin’ verses like a free-throw
我就是杰克逊 王者当道 你们这些怂货就是Tito【Jackson 5中最出名的当属MJ,最晚成器的是Tito Jackson】
I’m Michael, the king, you fuckers is Tito
被钱和奢饰品包围 我万夫莫敌
Versace frames with the green shades, I only see dough
像罚球般自由 你懂我的风格【you know my steelo一句也出自Nas的N.Y. State Of Mind】
Ballin’ like a free-throw, you know my steelo
I once was a prince with the vision of a king
现在一切有我掌控 财富先放在一边
Now I run the whole thing, not defined by the bling
Exterminatin’ fakes like crooked jakes killin’ for high stakes
Guaranteed that it’s my fate to be remembered as one of the greats
无论代价多大 我都会使出全力
No matter what it takes, I’mma give it my all
就像驰骋球场的乔丹 从不跌倒 不曾失败
Like Jordan when he ball, never stumble, never fall
良言妙药 铭记我的公式直至我像爱迪生般名留青史
Lyrical medicine, repeat the formula until I get it right like Edison
迈入我的思维 我像爱因斯坦般将词句计算
Now step into my mind as I calculate lyrics like Einstein
用他操纵数字的方式 编码我的韵脚
The way he manipulated numbers, I manipulate the rhymes
Like E equals MC squared, na
我将那些MC们吞噬 给我留心
E equals eater of MCs, beware
Watch me shine in the darkness like a flare
踏入这场游戏 我便成为你朝思暮想的王座继承者【引用Jay-Z和Kanye West的单曲Niggas In Paris】
Married to the game, I’m the heir to the throne you’ve been watchin’
I know a lot of people lookin’ at me
这他妈成天高喊VMG的白人小子是谁【VMG即Visionary Music Group】
Like who the hell this white boy reppin’ VMG
种族层面上我和J. Cole,Drake没有区别【他们双亲中都有白人】
Racially I’m no different from Cole or Young Drizzy
仅仅是个注定迈向成功的混血儿 现在你还想央求什么
Just a half-breed born to succeed, now what you need?
Visionary, RattPack, Young Sinatra

[Verse 3: Angel Haze]
我就像魔力 我就是经典
I am like magic, I am a classic
Puttin’ heat to these bitches like I’m ironin’ fabric
Can’t satisfy the appetite of a savage
所以我不断努力直到登上人生之巅 书写我的诗篇
So I’m eatin’ ’til I’m at the top, openin’ passage
Openin’ passage always so drastic
我 虐杀这些废物在让其滚进棺材
I, kill the shit and have them bitches holdin’ a casket
我句句在点 仙人掌般直白尖锐
I am on point, bitch I’m verbally cactus
风水轮流转 今朝到我家
And it’s my turn now like a rotating axis
Tell ’em I don’t hold my tongue for no one
我他妈就是傻逼 专惹人厌
I’m a fuckin’ asshole, so forth, so on
And I rap circles ’round bitches, I got ’em runnin’ in relays
Had they jaw dropped in the same position for three days
憎恨的声音尽收耳底 我早有戒备之心
I hear them hoes hatin’, I got a proposition
直到你靠近 婊砸 你完全没竞争力
Until you come, hoes, you ain’t no competition
I put bitches in a bag, be next
I’m comin’ up like gag reflex
These bitches on my sack, t-dip
我放出惨剧的预告片 免费的薯片
I’m givin’ out sneak previews, free clips
Y’all bitches don’t want the drama
我终结了你的生命 让你昏迷不醒
I end your sentencin’ like colon, comma
Call me misses take the lead to these bitches
On tracks like glue to the weave of these bitches
I take ’em all in like I’m breathin’ these bitches
Then put a couple drinks up the sleeves of these bitches
杀戮不停 相信我会让他们血流遍地
I’m killin’, best believe I make ’em bleed in these stitches
I can’t believe you really be believin’ these bitches
操 只有死亡才能将他们摆脱
Damn, dead is how I’m leavin’ these bitches
我成天喜当妈多了一大堆杂种【引用Nicki Minaj单曲Roman’s Revenge中的观点,Angel的flow和此曲几乎一致】
Watch ’em all get sonned like I’m breedin’ these bitches



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