XXL Freshmen 2013 Cypher – Part 1 – Ab-Soul, Action, Joey Bada$$ & Trav$ Scott

XXL Freshmen 2013 Cypher – Part 1 – XXL Freshmen 2013 Cypher – Part 1 – Ab-Soul, Action, Joey Bada$$ & Trav$ Scott 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2013年的,Ab-Soul, Action, Joey Bada$$ & Trav$ Scott



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2013 XXL Freshman Cyphers – Episode 1
Joey BADA$$
Ft: Ab-Soul, Action Bronson & Travi$ Scott
Produced By: Jahlil Beats

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
这些伙计们停滞不前 就像蜜蜂一样惹人厌【引用Nicki Minaj的“Beez In The Trap”,讽刺某些说唱歌手只顾自己成就而不积极进取】
These niggas don’t beez in the trap, they like bees in this track
赶紧溜烟滚远 我可不是在说你吸的烟【这里的smoke out承接上句bees,养蜂人要用烟雾来驱散蜜蜂】
Just smoked out, I ain’t talking ’bout what you toke out
傻眼了就滚犊子 回去做你的白日梦
Get choked out fo’rilly, thinking that this shit a silly dream
When actually reality ain’t what it really seem
And I ain’t acting on the scene niggas scream
所有的戏码不会上映 仅仅是完美的剧情
The actions ain’t screened, just well schemed
I’m trying to have wealth for my well being by 18
口袋满是翠绿 全他妈是钱币【12 beans是引用电影”杰克和仙豆”,豆子和美钞都为绿色】
Pockets healthy green, what the fuck is 12 beans?
我需求荣华富裕 钞票都堆成了山【cake和cream都指代money】
I need the cake and cream, stakes is high like fiends off a dream
Jet streaming having cuisine with the best seasons
It’s the vet season carry a vest you know the reason
我在芝拉克享受微风拂面的凉爽【Chiraq是芝加哥的昵称,芝加哥也叫Windy City,这里和blown呼应】
I’m in Chiraq and I’m getting blown like the breezes
你的妹子想要取悦我们 袒胸露乳美腿细腰
Your chicken strip tease us, thighs leg and the breast part is the cleavage
She even lick it down to the bone marrow
She in love but I don’t got a bow and arrow
我靠抢你妹子出名我就像是杰克船长【Sparrow即Jack Sparrow】
I’m known to jack the booty like I’m sparrow
没人想和我battle 他们的词句弱到不行
They ain’t trying to see me in the battle, they lines is too narrow
They couldn’t even outshine my shadow
They don’t want the beef nigga let alone the cattle
他们仅想玩玩把戏 这实在是可惜
They just want to ride the saddle, it’s so sad though
【Joey Bada$$在这段Verse中以食物为暗线来彰显自己的地位,连续引用了beans, cake, cream, steak, cuisine, chicken和beef】

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
我坚如磐石 把你们打包进裹尸袋
Hammers present, you gettin’ wrapped up
Uhh, jump out the Mack truck, black tux
继续行动 手持铜杯呷一口红酒下肚
Go ‘head and act up, drink the blood out of the brass cup
Your jewels are fake those are glass cut
No snakes keep the grass cut
Thick dominican women skin cinnamon with they ass up
狠到不行 我犹如鸽子边排泄边飞行
Sick spinning, I stay shitting like a sick pigeon
透过腕上棱镜折射出璀璨光明【wrist prism即镶钻名表】
Different colors glisten of the wrist prism
Blicker off the hip hit ’em, spun ’em
切个洋葱 切的过程中看穿事件的来龙去脉
Chopped an onion, in the process peeped the diagnostics
See my shorty draped up in an ostrich
Smoking weed from the doctor
As I sit on a train to Paris draped in fabric like an arabic
Mommy always knew her boy was talented
Come off tour give her 20 thou for nothing
Cause it’s nothing to me I’m something to see
Sunk in the sea, Duncans on feet
Shits are shiny take a shower rather dump in the heat
跃出吉普车就像一哄而散的鹅群 天呐
Jump out the jeep looking fly like a bundle of geese, jeez
I’m on some shit
我开着宝马七系招摇过市 妹子们都全副武装
I’m talking 7 series triplets, bitches with military fitness
我个像查米克霍德斯克劳一样身手好的妹子【Chamique Holdsclaw是女篮史上第一位被誉为“女乔丹”的球员,她于2012年入狱】
And my girl a shooter like Chamique Holdsclaw
她整天依赖可卡因 成绩也是篮球好手
With coke in the door, she used to play ball
为了主的福佑 她靠贩毒从这获了不少利
For Christ the King, selling drugs got her the icy ring though

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
身为Black Hippy成名最晚的一名
The last black hippy to get a wiki
我到了你的地盘你的比基尼女郎都得给我献吻【Vickies即Victoria’s Secret内衣】
I’m in your city getting a hickey from your chick in her Vickies
Don’t try act like I ain’t popping homie
我的风格就像曼德拉和Sanyika Shakur的混合体【Monster Kody即Sanyika Shakur,洛杉矶瘸帮传奇人物】
My style like Mandela meets Monster Kody
只用盒装的backwoods烟纸卷上好的OG Kush 伙计
Cop backwoods by the box bro, OG only
花460买个火机 再来两盎司叶子
Drop 460 for a zip, need 2 to be cozy
I hate to stunt but look me up
我认真起来连Evil Knievel都力不能及【Evil Knievel是美国全能艺人,国民偶像】
Evil Knievel ain’t much when I do my stuff
Polo tee polo black cologne
Burberry by my nuts she won’t leave me lone
The Levi’s was on sale, but I ain’t flexing hard
不停努力 整天锻炼健身卡都不想办
Flexing, never had a 24 Hour Fitness card
I told myself I wouldn’t flip I made a little bit
我不是魔术师但愿是这蓝色药片在作祟【blue dolphin是美国一种很流行的摇头丸,其外形呈蓝色,药片中间印有海豚形象,故被称为blue dolphin】
I’m no magician but I hope this blue dolphin do the trick
Behind the mic with a thizz face
You take your Mrs. through my entrance thats a mistake
我就像亚瑟一样是泡妹子好手【引用Usher热单U Got It Bad】
I got it bad like Usher Raymond
要告我就他妈请便 高喊着TDE万岁
Middle finger to the plaintiff, screaming Top Dawg Entertainment
搞清楚了 我才不管你们为何记恨于我
Look I don’t know why you niggas hating
I take that back cause I know why you niggas hating
I just said it cause I likeded how it came in
为了押韵连likeded我都用过 即便不是词也无妨
I even used likeded, that ain’t a word, I’m just saying
我必须成为最强者 居高临下永不着陆【3这里指HiiiPower,详见Kendrick Lamar热单HiiiPower】
I got to be the greatest on this land, I spell high with
3 I’s and I’ll never never land
说唱界的迈克尔杰克逊 坐拥梦幻岛成为彼得潘【MJ为孩子们打造了NeverLand,此处承接上句never land】
The rap Mike Jack, Peter Pan with 28 grams
成为不玩吉他的吉米亨德里克斯 嗑药的爱因斯坦
Hendrix with no guitar, Albert on Adderall
Yeah, jug
吞云吐雾痛饮糖浆直到李伟都懒得管【Lil Wayne曾因过度饮用紫饮入过院】
Smoke ’til I’m Weezy don’t worry what’s in my cup

[Verse 4: Travis Scott]【Travis Scott后来把以下Verse用在了其Mixtape”Owl Pharaoh”的单曲MIA中】
飞速漂移 我开着长崎摩托疯狂装逼
Speeding, and damn I’m leaning, on the Kawasaki
回到家里拿点可待因 然后去阿布达比拍电影
In the lobby, got me dro codinein’, out in Abu Dabi
金链耀眼 但愿不会让你贫血 感到昏昏欲睡
Chain beaming, hope it ain’t anemic, cause you might feel drowsy
来到瑞典 仅仅我和四位美女 一起翻云覆雨
Out in Sweden, just me and four women, and we all playing hockey
放着我的歌曲 放荡不羁
Blow Scott La Flame, pimpin, no cane
Rocking the chain and hood with no pass
弄乱了节奏 我不和现在才称与我兄道弟的人同流合污
Fucked up the flow, nothing but fam cause niggas be hoes
兵来将挡 水来土掩
Have that, pass that, light it up and then blow
玩的是抽象意象 我像纳斯达克般哪里跌倒哪里爬起【NASDAQ即纳斯达克,全称美国全国证券交易商协会自动报价表】
Imagery abstract, it’s like NASDAQ when I stock it up and then grow
及时止损再全投进高盛 赚钱之道我兄弟侃爷有招【Goldman Sachs即高盛集团,一家国际领先的投资银行和证券公司】
Packed it up and moved to Goldman Sachs, my nigga Yeezy done taught me that
Young niggas in the Soho House spilling booze wherever the Barbies at
差点忘了 这是在拍电影 过来合个影 你把相机放在哪里
Damn homie, this a movie nigga, take a picture or somethin’, where your Kodak at?
我吞云吐雾和美女鸳鸯浴 创作制作评分纸片全是我的活
Scottie is tokin and swimming with women, he writing, producing, then score and filming it
天哪 这东西岂不是上帝等级
Oh god, my god, this shit be like God-level
你们成天把钱挂在嘴边 堆着钱山
Nigga you talking money nigga, stacking several
债券多达数十亿 真相在我的手里
Bonds over billions niggas the real is in the building
和侃爷和Jay-Z呆在一起才懂得如何处理【暗示Travis Scott正在参与制作Watch The Throne 2】
With Ye and Hova niggas know what the deal is
The deal is nigga the realest
年轻就是资本 迈向全世界
Young Scott the rock, rocking from the Phyllis
和我兄弟Action Bronson Joey Bada$$ Ab-Soul一起
Got my nigga Bronson, Joey, Ab-Soul
一路走来财源滚滚 你懂的
And you know a nigga pockets getting swole on the road, yup



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