XXL Freshmen 2012 Cypher – Part 1 – Hopsin, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Future & Danny Brown

XXL Freshmen 2012 Cypher – Part 1 – Hopsin, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Future & Danny Brown 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2012年的,Hopsin, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Future & Danny Brown



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XXL 2012 Freshmen Cypher – Part 1
XXL Freshmen
Ft: Danny Brown, Future, Hopsin

[Verse 1: Hopsin]
欢迎来到Hopsin的疯狂世界 人生真谛由我抉择
Welcome to the Ill Mind of Hopsin, where real life’s an option
The ill lines that I spit make you realize you not sick
科学是很牛逼 我能把Bill Nye蹂躏【Bill Nye是知名科学节目主持人,Hopsin在这里自诩他要说的词会比科学还要复杂】
Science at its finest, tell Bill Nye to watch it
Now turn this shit the fuck up till you feel high and nauseous
给我看好了 我认为我的咒怨远大于福佑
Yo, check out this verse I wreck, I think I’m more cursed than blessed
没人能懂我的头脑才是我出生的唯一污点【详见单曲Am I A Psycho】
No one seems to know if my brain’s the result of birth defects
我需要解救方法 牧师说教堂是不二之选
I need a solution, pastors tell me that church is best
但他们向我投来恶魔般的眼光 我就是他们所解读的死亡【暗指Hopsin靠黑Rapper出名】
But they’ll look at me devilish cause I’m how they interpret death
所有人都假惺惺 我始终憎恶求我合作的说唱歌手
Everybody’s always acting fake, rappers I hate be asking to collaborate
说来心伤但这就是事实 庆功祝贺并没有什么卵用
It’s sad to say but it’s the truth, that instead of trying to congratulate
They got they hands out like we playing a game of Patty Cake
But that ain’t what I’m focused on
跟你们这些为了钱玩说唱的智障合作那么整个嘻哈文化终将会走向灭亡【Sell Out指哪些卖的很好却说唱无能的嘻哈歌手】
The day I step up in the lab with a sell out will be the day all hope is gone
The game’s filled with a bunch of faggots who don’t belong
一天到晚把real niggas挂在嘴边但我一个都没看见
Always claiming they real niggas but I ain’t notice one

[Verse 2: Roscoe Dash]
这是何方神圣他为何落脚于此 【Roscoe Dash使用观众语气】
Where the fuck’d he come from and why is he here?
Dressed in some dope shit your stylist probably would wear
Look like Egyptian hieroglyphics set shit off in his hair
And the message is no one in this day or time could compare
实践造就完美 我的一生都在实践
Practice makes perfect, I practiced my whole life
虽离完美甚远 但我最差的作品却比那些垃圾不知道高到哪里去了
Far from perfect but my worst shit is lapping em all twice
把我置身于胜利之中 因为我的一生都在努力【单词Win中有字母i,这里双关】
But like I put the “I” in win, cause I did it my whole life
So your first place or second statistics are all hype
我全身心投入 不吹逼 我全心全意的努力
I’m all flight, no really, I’m all flight
我要飞得更高 让风筝遥望
I live in the sky and get higher than four kites
如果你的妹子对我的音乐情有独钟 没关系别担心
If your girl like my music, don’t worry it’s alright
我们相见之日遥遥无期 夜晚才是我的活动时间
The day we meet’ll never happen, my hours are all night
我努力工作 获得回报 都有证据可言 伙计
I work hard, pay off, plus the evidence, nigga
我和好友的口袋里钱币丰盈 伙计
All my pockets best friends with Dead Presidents, nigga
迈向全世界 给你们颜色看看
Right hook the whole world, throw your bell for these niggas
No wonder they kept a spot on double X L for a nigga

[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
当我走来 人们躁动不安
When I come around, people smell trouble
我不玩什么PS 想知道我有多狠就跟我混
I don’t fuck with Photoshop, so holler at me when you wanna see a real jungle
The Eastside where fiends huddle
冲出陶纳斯穿越坑洼阻挠 让你们在我面前双腿颤抖
Outta towners come across them potholes stumbling, make their knees buckle
Street signs’ll read struggle
Every couple months another shirt with R.I.P’s and we love you’s
Instead of leaving school my friends are leaving out in a duffel
我靠血汗努力 要他妈肌肉有何用 告诉那些智障【有人嘲笑MGK身材瘦弱】
I bleed hustle, why the fuck I need muscle, run tell them that
I’m going in like needles in war wounds
Kids at the dorm rooms, syringes and harpoons
Summertime hot couple months before June
And have star power while in the planet below moon
Now that’s classic, and with all of this wackness
Crowd for providing this track here it’s madness
Without a witch and some spells I made magic
我他妈就是个怪物 就像普莱西德湖的鳄鱼【详见电影《平静的湖》】
Motherfucking monster, Lake Placid, Kells
扯远了 现在从头再来 从头再来
Bring that shit back, bring that shit back, now bring that shit back
【MGK此处宣传他当时的新专辑Lace Up】
Lace up, uh
接下来我会用心考虑 给我学着点
I’mma consider this class brother, now learn something
来一包粉子 一袋烟纸 一个漏子 一点叶子 这样才能爽一阵子
A pocket roll, a E-Z Wider, a filter, a little hash so I can burn something
Just to help you cope a little bit more
Cause round here tomorrow isn’t for sure
我们都来自俄亥俄州阴差阳错的聚集到一起【double O即Ohio】
And we coming up from mistake on the lake, double O
包好叶子 再把它们烤熟 味道棒极
Bag it up, then we wake as we bake, Double O’s
一起爽飞 再把它们做成蛋糕 用双灶来烤
Burning up, then we making the cake, double stoves
Then I hop up out the bitch with hella bread like a dozen loaves
这都是钱啊 婊砸
That’s money, biatch!

[Verse 4: Future]
可卡因男孩 就像French Montana
Coke Boys, something like Montana
和Byrd Gang混在一起 就像Chink Santana
With the bird gang like Santana
真正的街头勇士 代表着亚特兰大
Real street nigga repping for Atlanta
Ain’t dropped but I’m still in the Phantom
And I blow that money fast like a candle
没错 我有的是耐力
Yeah, and I still got stamina
Let my lil homie do you on camera
没错 我们除了狠毒其实也没啥
Yeah we ain’t nothing but some animals
Got a house and a condo in Miami
而你在干嘛呢 还在为他妈的格莱美做奴隶
What you doing, what you do for the fucking Grammy
I do what it take for the paper chase
玩即兴 不动笔 管他结果如何
Freestyle, off the dome, whatever it take

[Verse 5: Danny Brown]
婊砸 你仅需知道这一件事
Ho, the only thing you gotta know
My dick’s tucked around when I’m sitting on the flo’
你以为我会过气 给你个忠告伙计
You think I’m gon’ fall off, got advice for you, homes
Fall asleep in your car, in the garage, with the engine on
Playing Ping Pong with your bitch jaws
You the type to have a sing-a-long in Superman drawers
我有个火辣的妹子 称她Molly Ringwald【莫利·林沃德是八十年代美国演员】
I got a redhead ho, call it Molly Ringwald
She like to take a mount of Molly and bring Adderall
Sipping white wine til the sun set
Before it got dark, she already got naked
然后开始和我翻云覆雨 毫不留情
Then she start to neck it, then she got reckless
就像Wreckx-N-Effect的Rump shaker一样带劲
Rump shaker, Wreckx-N-Effect it
听着Das EFX的They Want EFX
Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, Das EFX shit
让她爽翻 在楼梯上睡着
Left her bum sticky, fell asleep on the terrace
我依旧小鹿乱撞 真是罪过罪过
Me on the beat, that’s a hate crime
With black ink, I murder white lines



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