XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher – Part 1 – YG, Mac Miller, Diggy & Lil Twist

新人接力 XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher – Part 1 – YG, Mac Miller, Diggy & Lil Twist 中英双语视频

XXL 杂志每年会对新加入到 Rap Game 的 Freshmen 做一个盘点/点评,并且让大伙一起来做一个接力说唱 —— Cypher! 这一段是来自2011年的,YG, Mac Miller, Diggy & Lil Twist!



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[Verse 1: YG]
It’s YG, 400
The flow cold got these hoes’ nose runnin’
说唱圈就是个面包厂 我不断从中获利【dough这里指money或dope】
The rap game a bakery, I’m getting dough from it
我只买它的账 我靠它来装逼
And I shop with it, I got something to show from it
我泡到一个白妞 她就像我的滑雪女郎
I got this white girl, she’s like my snow bunny
这些怂货们玩说唱总是卡壳 太逗了
These niggas choke in they raps, so funny!
我就是是小匪帮先生 而你们却是小怂逼
It’s Mr. Young Gangsta, these niggas so wanksta
别做你的说唱梦了 你们都该醒醒
Like don’t sleep on em’, these niggas better wake up
我钱多到烧着玩 伙计们也别闲着
Candle lit money, nigga get ya cake up
用子弹给你化妆 把你的脸给卸掉
Bullets like Makeup, they switch your face up
我就像个飞机 女孩你知道我有多飞
I’m like an airplane, girl you know what’s up
Niggas we blowing money quick like we blowing blunts
Red chucks like my bitch’s lipstick
我放倒一个个碧池 就像在打橄榄球
I’m taking bitches down, like the hit stick
深入浅出 我他妈都硬了
Push in an nigga, motherfucker go hard
这些伙计自诩街区玩家 在我眼中只是门卫罢了
These niggas baller blocking, I call em’ bo gaurds

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
无论玩什么 他们都玩的直截了当
Whatever it is, they’re getting it straight
我是如此着迷 如此投入 从不退缩
I’m too obsessed, too dedicated, never escape
我从不胆怯 我一旦参与 便越来越牛逼
I ain’t scared, I’m a go in, looking like I’m glowing
我驾驭伴奏 你们全都伏地不起
Running on beats, you show me your feet
If you ever be down to flowing
那么现在起 我已胸有成竹 有了干掉你的动机
And now, I got a notion, I’m a put this into motion
Speeding through the present
不断努力去掌控这一切 伙计
Trying to get there and coach, man
Hopes the dope man will be there soon
现在开始 音乐燥起来 伴奏恰到好处
For now the music up loud and the beat on smooth
我便开始押韵 舌灿莲花
I’m just rhyming, spitting so efficient
延续着传统 又不断创新
Keeping the tradition, while seeking to be different
刚发行了新专辑KIDS 我的故事一言难尽
Just dropped “KIDS”, but I’m a man of many words
你必须把嘻哈做大 任何时刻都不能停下
You had to do it big, but couldn’t never stop the work
现在你听这我的说唱 你的内心小鹿乱撞
Now you heard my words so your bubbles gonna burst
没错这cypher有三轮 但我得先给我的兄弟们道谢
Yeah we’re on third but say what’s up to the homies on first
如果我可以 我会把嘻哈整的翻天覆地 因为我太爱它了
If I can, I’m a kick it, rip it just cause I love it
现在我吸引力他们的注意 询问我是否愿意公开演出
Now they see me, ask me if I can spit it right out in public
嘿 伙计 说唱歌手把大把时间都浪费在了相互憎恨
Hey, yo, rappers got time that they’re wasting, hating
When they could focus on their own grind, skating
They mad I got fans and they mad I got love
我和音乐亲密无间 舒适如手套一般
Cause me and music fit like a glove, so snug
你们这些傻逼也只能继续憎恨下去 或者建立个联盟什么的
All you angry mother fuckers can go on and form a club
Cause when you come around me, it ain’t nothing but love
我有妹子投怀送抱 人们拥簇于我
I got girls giving hugs, people dapping me up
而你却躲在角落 喊着Mac太垃圾了
And you in the corner, like, “oh man, mac sucks! ”
Been a long grind and a little bit of luck
Feeling blessed everyday for the way I’m coming up
我想你们保证 我还远没有玩完
I can promise you this: I ain’t even close to done
Just pray to god that I’m safe when the soldiers come
They hear me, they forgetting if I’m old or young
把这音乐上锁 我却将其解开
Got this music on lock, but I open up
一直都是如此 我的辞藻押韵便是我的生活方式
All the time, cause my bars and my rhymes be my lifestyle
吞云吐雾舌灿莲花 现在跟着我一起嗨
Blowing white clouds, You getting high right now

[Verse 3: Diggy Simmons]
Live from the Apple slicing the American pie
With dope lyrics watch me get America high
By your appearance I can get a glimpse of your vibe
你说你潮在着装 我面前只能是班门弄斧【Yves Saint Laurent即著名设计师伊夫·圣·洛朗】
They say you are what you wear, I am Yves Saint Laurent
我是马丁马吉拉和伊夫圣洛朗附体【Maison Martin Margiella即著名设计师马丁马吉拉】
Maison Martin Margiella
Catch me at the Montreyon fella
I’m getting money thats why you all jealous
这并不是首说唱 这是场说唱游戏
This ain’t a rap song, this is a rap some
我完美无暇 必是全场焦点
Immaculate so I’mma be the first to cast on
上幼儿园时我就已经有钱赚【Diggy是Run DMC中Run的儿子,他小时候参加过父亲的真人秀节目“Run’s House”】
In kindergarten I was filling out my tax form
While my other class mates was learning Jimmy Crack Corn
我见多识广 和Lupe Fiasco一起拿着霰弹枪在芝加哥扫荡
How can I go broad, riding shot gun with Lupe through Chicago hood
Hat tilted to the side like a GD
Bumping a Pac CD
跟着我一起摇【Picture Me Rollin’和 Holla If Ya Hear Me是2Pac的单曲】
Picture me rollin’ holla when you see me
放轻松 就像在唱字母歌
This easy, sorta like my ABC’s
我要把全场带向高潮 1,2,3一起来
It’ll take em’ to the pillar nigga 1,2,3
记住我的名字 D-I-G-G-Y
Know my name when I spell, it’s D-I two G’s
我太匪帮 你们记不住就给我去死
Rather die before I’m telling see I’m too G


[Verse 4: Lil Twist]
Beatin’ up the beat like it’s a high school drumline
I got the teachers like “What has he become now?”
年轻的天才 我就像爱因斯坦
A young genius, homie I’m like and Einstein
我现在过的潇洒 我们在伯利兹花天酒地
I’m balling now, we go to Belize and i’ll shine
团队不起内讧 有货一起用
No deportion, split the dough in Proportions
成年人赚的钱你们小屁孩不能懂【partial abortion是一种堕胎方法,即半生产堕胎法】
Grown man money these kids partial abortion
我们占领商场 他们还玩着过家家
Go to the mall, they playing round and they horseing
我在诺德斯特龙逍遥你们只有嫉妒的份【诺德斯特龙 (Nordstrom)是美国高档连锁百货店】
They beef while twizzy be dropping stacks in nordstrom
一群猪小弟 但也不全是怂货
Porky Pig Pull, but that ain’t all folks
I ain’t kidding with y’all folks
Sound like a kid but I ain’t kidding at all though
So don’t mistake me
还得给我记着 我是李伟的小弟
And one more thing: It’s Young Mula baby



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