Wale Ft. Usher – Matrimony

婚姻殿堂 Wale Ft. Usher – Matrimony 中英双语MV




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[Skit: Seinfeld & Wale]
Seinfield: Getting engaged is like getting, uh, it’s the first hill of the roller coaster.

And you hear those clickers, the loud souNd — this really violent, metal.

‘Chunka-chunka-chunka’ and you go, “What, what’s going on here,” You know?
咔嚓咔嚓的声音 你会觉得‘到底发生了什么’

“Boy this thing is really,really goes high!”
随着过山车往上走 这感觉会越来越强烈

(Wale: I’m looking down, ‘Oh shit!’)
Wale:往下面一看 我靠!

And then you go over the top, the wedding is at the top.
然后你就到达了过山车的顶峰 那就是婚礼

You go over the top, is the wedding and then you’re just screaming.
婚礼就在那过山车的顶峰 你会不由自主的尖叫

Wale: Even if you make plans you never think you’re really ready for marriage?
Wale:即使你已做好了计划 你会想过自己真的准备好进入婚姻殿堂了吗?

Sienfield: No it’s uh, it’s like any growth.

You’re no- you can’t be ready for it because tha- it’s growth, it’s gonna be new.
你并不可能完全做好准备 因为婚姻对你来说是如此新鲜

It’s gonna be new. You’re gonna have a new life, you’re gonna be a new person.
它会改变你 也会改变你的人生

[Intro: Usher]
Couldn’t make you wait forever, for forever

This is forever

I gotchu

[Hook: Usher]
If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
如果我的内心有一个疑问 你早已有答案

It don’t belong to anyone but you

If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
如果我的爱是一个谜题 你也已胸有成竹

Baby, don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you
亲爱的别担心 我早已准备好了

Baby, I’ve been making plans, oh love
亲爱的 我早已做好了计划

Baby, I’ve been making plans for you
宝贝 我一直在为你而准备着

Baby, I’ve been making plans
亲爱的 我早已做好了计划

Baby, I’ve been making plans for you
宝贝 我一直在为你而准备着

[Verse 1: Wale]
(My sincerest apologies, I mean it)
(我最真切地道歉 我是认真的)

Look, I’ll admit it, albeit pathetic
好吧 我承认这说起来有点丢人

That I’m in my late 20s, still never been to a wedding
我已经要奔三了 却从没参加过一次婚礼

Guess the idea of that lobby empty do not sit with me well

It’s not your fault they try get me cause I’mma need the sales 【Wale后悔自己没能在事业和情感中找到平衡】
这不是你的错 我总是为了事业去打拼

Cause I’m selfish, and I need you to myself
我是如此自私 想要你对我专一

Tryna see you afloat, but don’t wanna see you excel
我想拥有你的好 却不愿让别人察觉到

Cause I failed and see you ’bout to cry
当我经历失败的时候 我看见你快要哭了

Cause when I enter their city they leave without their pride

I’m sorry, and you starin’ at my comments 【名人的情感问题难免受到群众的议论】
真对不起 你看到了那些对我的恶毒评论

Fearin’ it’s gone always be you sharin’ me with all them 【Wale认为自己的名气反而给女友带来了很多伤害】

Wrong, how dare I say ignore them?

Preparing for that day I leave you here and switch you for them 【当音乐不被认可时,歌迷会拿Wale的女友出气,这也让Wale伤心】
或许总有一天我会离你而去 把所有精力都献给歌迷们

It’s hard, you know temptation and all

Bitches out here tryna see if my relationship’s strong

Get a place in the charts or runaway from your heart
选择功成名就 可能意味着远离你的怀抱

Gave this music my all, nothing is sacred no more – I’m wrong
我毫无保留 把一切都献给了音乐事业 – 看来我错了

[Pre-Hook 1: Wale]
But I’m promisin’ you better though

And your friends sayin’, “let him go”
你的朋友们却说 ‘别理那个男人了’

And we ain’t gettin’ any younger

I can give up now, but I can promise you forever though
我可以选择放弃 但我更想与你天长地久


[Verse 2: Wale]
(Realest shit I ever wrote, if you ever knew love)
(这是我写的最真实的歌 你会明白如果你也曾爱过)

I’ll admit it, let me be hypothetic
我会坦白的 让我做一个假设

The day I find a woman I prolly be scared to share it
我遇到了一个女人 她让我害怕与别人分享

The idea of me finding love, would run somebody off
找到真爱的那一刻 却让我有些犹豫

And true my wall could use some plaques, but still I gotta floss 【文字游戏:Plaques可以是墙上的荣誉,也指牙齿污垢,floss和brush都是清理牙齿的方式】
我的成就或许还不太够 但是为了得到你 这些都可以不要

Brush you off, see I’m kinda lost
我有些迷失了 竟然对你如此冷淡

Now I’m up in the club with a couple of Move Ons
在酒吧里放纵自己 与其他女人鬼混

And dark, good nigga, troubled heart
真想做个好人 内心却困难重重

Went from fallin’ in love to drunk and fallin’ apart

This is hard, tryna find some time to move on
伤的太深 需要些时间来愈合

Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady, shit got too dark 【Wale曾经让女友意外怀孕,这也给双方造成了很大的打击】
当你堕胎的时候 仿佛整个世界都灰暗了

Soft, and I thank you baby, you strong
我太软弱了 真要感谢你的坚强

My ex before you married too, you solo, I say so long 【Wale与Beyonce的妹妹Solange交往过一年】
我的前女友都已经结婚了 而我们依然飘忽不定

Nah, good terms how that ended 【2014年Solange与著名MV导演Alan Ferguson结婚】

But it surely put a dent on how I worry about this business

Off white picket fences, on flights with the children 【白色篱笆墙是美国小康生活的代名词】
住着白色篱笆墙的小院 与孩子们一起旅行

On site stealin’ kisses on off nights my intentions but

[Pre-Hook 2: Wale]
But I plan to do it better though

But you still sayin’ let it go

We ain’t gettin’ any younger

Women love me now but in your eyes we forever though
爱我的人那么多 但在你眼中我们才是天长地久


[Outro: Wale]
We ain’t nothin’ but some planets

(Outro Skit)
Seinfield: I always feel like I’m a planet.

And these other women that are, kinda moving through this solar system with me.

And, marriage is like you decide to jump off of your planet, across to another planet.
结婚就好像当你决定跳出自己的星球 穿越到另一个星球上去

And you can only do it when one planet passes real close.

And you look and you go, “Hey, I think I can jump across.”



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