The Game Ft. J.Cole & JMSN – Pray

祈祷 The Game Ft. J.Cole & JMSN – Pray 中英双语MV




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附:歌词翻译文稿【翻译:壹酷似秘大 】

Produced By: Cool & Dre

[Verse 1: Game]
She got on tights with the leather skin
她是全场焦点 珠宝耀眼【Heavy Metal这里指珠宝】
She a rockstar, bring the heavy metal in
身材娇艳 犹如麦德林的可乐瓶【Medellín是哥伦比亚第二大城市,以制作Cocaine闻名,Cocaine也称Coke】
Girl shaped like a coke bottle, Medellín
In love with her ’til she went and let the devil in
She pop pills like medicine
她也许将面临死去 种种迹象已经表明
She probably gon’ die, it’s startin’ to be evident
我告诉过她 该结束了 女孩 你不是上帝之子【heaven-sent与上文devil对应,形成宗教对立面,照应专辑主题】
I told her, “Slow down, girl you’re heaven-sent”
我身为匪徒但我依旧像Kevin Hart一般关心世事【Kevin Hart参与了专辑的Skits】
I’m a thug but I got a heart like Kev and them
And I can’t let this girl throw her life away
Kick her dorm room in and told her put the knife away
Took her to the hospital like right away
她就像恶魔与天使的混合 日与夜的交集【指她美如天仙却又有许多坏习惯】
She a angel with demons, the girl like night and day
Stressed out, parents getting divorced
她深爱着父母 却不愿在法庭见证他们的分离
Girl love ’em both, she ain’t tryin’ to sit in court
她的人生就像转角 永远不知道会遇见什么【Square指正方形,正方形有四个角为90度,这里隐喻人生转角,Square也指weird或different】
She a square so it’s hard to see the angle
And that’s why God gave her an guardian angel
我日夜守护着她 向主发誓我们永久相伴
It’s me, and I’m here for her, swear to God that I’m here for her
Last nigga got her caught up in the airport
她之前从未进过监狱 这次却为他坐了一年的牢
She ain’t had no prior, so she went and did a year for him
前进或是死亡 她英勇得就像Eve一样【Eve是Ruff Ryders旗下的女Rapper】
She a ride-or-die, like Eve and them
Make home-cooked meals every evening
开始了崭新的生活 我为她骄傲嘉奖
Start stripping on the side, now I’m tipping on the side
像Steven Jordan和Joseline Hernandez一般热爱生活【Joselin和Stevie是真人秀Love and Hip Hop中的角色】
Love life like Joselin and Stevie and them
Am I wrong for being the best that I can to her?
Takin’ her son and tryin’ to be a man to him
她并不想要祈祷 但我却依旧让她着手祈祷
She don’t wanna pray, but I told her put her hands to it
I done came a long way from that tan Buick
没错 祖母如果还在一定会为我骄傲
Yeah, grandmother would be proud of me
Almost got the devil all the way the fuck out of me
Remember momma knockin’ on the door hounding me
但我还是给她买了豪车豪宅 哪怕她依旧质疑着我
Bought her a car and a crib even though she doubted me

[Interlude: Game (JMSN)]
每天从睡梦中醒来 哪怕她依旧质疑着我
(When I wake up every day) even though she doubted me
感谢上帝让我们安稳度日 哪怕她依旧质疑着我
(I thank the lord that we are safe) even though she doubted me
日复一日 哪怕她依旧质疑着我
(Again, yeah) even though she doubted me
(That’s why you should pray for me)
那是养育我的母亲啊 我用我的真心爱着你就如爱着她
That’s my momma and I love her with my heart like I love you
倘若你依旧艰苦度日 孩子父亲依旧抛弃着家庭
If you strugglin’, baby daddy ain’t takin’ care of the kids
女孩 拥入我的怀中
Girl, you can get a hug too
任何时候需要我我就在这里 像我伸出手 并不是那么难
I’m here whenever you need me, gon’ reach out, it’s that easy
我挚爱着女人 因为没有他们【引用2Pac歌曲Keep Ya Head Up】
I love women, cause without women
Wouldn’t none of us niggas be breathin’
So let’s

[Hook: Game (J. Cole)]
祈祷 低下头
{Pray} – bow your head {*5X*}
祈祷 低下头
{Pray} – (bow your head) {*2X*}
{Pray}… (Cole)

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
女孩发自内心的美 我永远都不会忘记 我永远都记得你【这个女孩J.Cole在“The Autograph”中有所提及】
Good girl at heart – I remember you well, I remember you well
你虽有了家庭 但我却想调情 希望你能低俗一点
Got a husband and kid, but I flirt, hope you do a little dirt
因为我依旧为你着迷 并无戏言
Cause I’m diggin’ you still, that’s real
你不再回我的信息 好吧我服气【这个女孩放弃了J.Cole过着原有的生活而没有出轨使得J.Cole信服】
But na you don’t text back and deep down I respect that
Cause even though a nigga wanna tap that shit
I don’t wanna be the one to wreck that shit
所以我选择了离开 时间荏苒 我一路成绩欣然
So, so I fall back, year go by I got more plaques
然后你给我回了电话 告诉我你想我了
Just to get a call from you tellin’ me you miss me
你说你想在我巡演之后见见我 操
And you wanna see me next time the tour’s back, damn
好吧 一切都变了 她说她的丈夫限制了她的自由
Well what changed then? She tellin’ me a nigga had her caged in
Every time she think about me on the road
她痛哭流涕 发现自己所游览之地寥寥无几
She be cryin’ realizin’ all the places that she ain’t been
那好吧 我会去接你 将你拥入怀中 让你振作起来
Well it’s cool, I’ll pick you up, hold you down, lift you up
These other niggas try and fuck
I’m the only one who cut and still came back to stitch you up
啥 你想要翻云倒海? 你这几天都没进过家门啊
So we fuck, say what? You ain’t been home lately
你听不进你丈夫的话? 实际上是她的丈夫是因为她偷情才离开她
You ain’t heard that nigga? Her man left cause she cheated on his ass
在她的包里翻出了毒品 她真的把她丈夫给气疯了
Found her pills in a bag, yo she burned that nigga
(She burned that nigga)
你能信?她把她丈夫给气疯了 把他气疯了
Say what? She burned that nigga (she burned that nigga)
Say what? She burned that nigga
伙计 她把他气疯了
Dawg, she burned that nigga
他在家里狠狠教训了她 然后他因家暴被抓进了监狱【周围人以为她丈夫仅仅是因为家暴进了监狱,实际上是她先激怒了他】
He beat her ass in the crib then he went and did a bid
All cause a bitch burned that nigga
现在好了 真相大白了
Now dog, that’s real ass shit
That’s word around the ville ass shit
Did you strap up? Did you the strap up?
Please tell me that you strapped up nigga
We could kill that bitch if you want to
我懂了 是我傻逼了 都计划好的是吧 操
I’m cool, I strapped up, played by the rules, damn
当我坐下来独自祈祷时 她却独自一人充斥着惶恐紧张
While I’m sittin’ here blessed, she at the crib all alone and she stressed
So nigga I

[Hook: J. Cole]
祈祷 低下头
Pray – bow your head
祈祷 低下头
{Pray} – bow your head {*2X*}
祈祷 低下你的头
{Pray} – just bow your head
祈祷 低下头
{Pray} – bow your head {*4X*}

[Outro: JMSN]
When I wake up every day
I thank the lord that we are safe
Again, yeah
That’s why you should pray for me
When I wake up every day
I thank the lord that we are safe
Amen, ooooh
这就是为何你该为我祈祷 这就是你们祈祷的原因
That’s why you should pray for me – that’s why you should pray



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