Tech N9ne – So Dope (They Wanna)

Tech N9ne – So Dope (They Wanna) 中英双语MV



翻译:泽雨兄 & 2B青年


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附:歌词翻译文稿【翻译:泽雨兄 & 2B青年】

Featuring Snow Tha Product, Twisted Insane & Wrekonize
Produced By Jon Pakfar & Shane Eli
Track 12 on Something Else
2013 Strange Music

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]

Wanna sit beside a sick and seductive sinner, see

像个蜈蚣爬行着 这狂野少妇令我垂涎
Something so sinister seeking sookie something like a centipede

Slitherin’, she’s searchin’ for synergy

抿着小酒挑逗我的脉轮 边吮吸着我的汁液
Suckin’ my seed, chakra tease stickin sippin’ Hennessy, shittin’

把你们喷出说唱圈 就像蛇毒般凶狠
On the hissin’ I’ll spit you out of commission

Position the bitch and dip in when I mention slip in submission

All of this is to quicken the copulatin’ and kissin’

My operation is drippin’ to the bottom, shakin’ and strippin’

黑暗之王让你进入史前坟场【K.O.D.是Tech N9ne的第九张录音室专辑 即King of Darkness的缩写】
Odd when I bust, K.O.D. put em in Necropolis

这些小妖孽把罩罩丢给我 因为我让她们享用肉棒
Givin’ this rod to the good broads, and they givin’ they bras to us

With the gift to break up a couple that’s monogamous

放下烦心事 脱下小内内 和我们一起尽情地疯狂
Stop with the probs and take off your effin’ draws, bitch and rock with us

投入洗面”奶”的怀抱 我吃得不亦乐乎
Been gitty cause them titties, are on my chin-chinny

Chin, did he pretend he was again kiddie

Suckin’ the crème de la crème and the skin pretty

Dim lit he, then hitting thee trim in Sin City

Let it in, I’m the medicine, get her wetter than ever been

Never better than a veteran, level that in the bed again

身着红色棒球服 亮如爱迪生的灯泡
Rockin’ red I been in my letterman, bright as Edison

我是个罪人 给她嘴里来了一发 如此留恋
Like I said I sin, head I win at events and I’m fetishin’

把双腿张开 我们来玩乐一番
Open up, you hoes, you know what’s up

Told you when I bust, her clothes they wanna just

爷如此性感 她们定想同我交欢
Go right off her butt, for sure they wanna cut

要发射了 因为爷的flow简直碉堡了
Explode, drop a load, cause the flow, is

[Hook: Tech N9ne]

So dope they wanna (Fuck)

So dope they wanna (Suck)

So dope they wanna (Give it all up and really abrupt)

So dope they wanna (Fuck)

So dope they wanna (Suck)

So dope they wanna (Give it all up and really abrupt)

So dope they wanna (Fuck)

爷的flow如毒品般令人上瘾 依赖性强【这些-ine都是毒品 与歌名中的dope相呼应】
So heroin, so cocaine, so ketamine, promethazine, so X (So wet)

So thorazine, so morphine, so dope that they wanna have sex

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]

她说 我听说你准备走 是你的脑残粉
She said “I heard that you was packin’ I’m a fan of your rapping

想和你玩一下子 你的老家是开普敦吗
I’m feining action where you really from, Cape Town?”

我告诉她 没错 老子出生在伦敦
I said “Yeah, bitch and I was born in London

So I’m thinkin’ ’bout fuckin’ you with the crumpets and some cake now!”

How did we get so stereotypical?

Fairly so seminal, now I’m flowin’ to the pinnacle

I see you got some friends who just lookin’ to get it from the medic

So I’m about to pivot on ’em and I make rounds

Want a piece of the beast from the East?

哥不仅能做伴奏 还能在床上击败你的男人
Complete, in the sheets, release beats, got her man down

请坚信这一点 你的男票永远无法和我们匹敌
Your boy just never could compete with us, please, better believe

我们把床单弄湿了 拿点维达纸巾擦干净
We skeet, now wipe yourself off with a Sham Wow

我和九爷的洞穴探险深入到底 我送你直达山顶
Me and Ninna run deeper than receivers, I beat up all on her beaver

Now she wanna feed the meter!

从堪萨斯到布鲁克林 高频扬声器冲击着鼓膜 我们十分愉悦【Medina是Brooklyn的绰号】
Speakers bumpin’ tweeters from here up into Medina leave us pleasin’

你们的外甥女拿着我们的专辑高兴地尖叫【Take Me to Your Leader是Wrekonize以组合¡Mayday!在Strange Music下发行的第一张专辑】
Are your nieces screamin’ “Take Me to Your Leader”?

哥的flow让你感觉血液里注射了白粉 逐渐腐蚀着大脑
I’m trainspottin’ the vein rockin’ the lane off and came droppin’

Serious game all on your brain, rottin’!

Pick a million pricks and I’m pretty sure that you missed the one

因为我能让你最快高潮 是你的不二人选
That hits you on the clit, quick drip! I’ll be the main option

干哭这小荡妇只为寻求开心 我还要把她的鲍鱼干烂
Blowin’ the slut up just for good luck and I’m fuckin’ the kitty up

With the angel dust in my nuts

我的花瓶女友爱酒 也少不了我的牛逼flow
Trophy lovin’ cup and my dopin’ is such a must

她们开始慌了 抵抗不住内心的欲望
That it’s troublesome to give up when they lust


[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]

哥就喜欢在房间的后面干些疯狂的事 就喜欢让她们尖叫
Loving to give it up in it in the back of the room and make ’em screamin’

当她看见了哥的大屌 顿时产生了邪念
Go up in it deep as she was feindin’ when she saw my weiner

她告诉哥她已经做好一切准备 就等着哥的行动了
She told me she ready for anything, I’m talkin’ anything

我直奔主题 摧枯拉朽就像Katrina飓风一样不可阻挡【Walls指pussy,参考Kendrick Lamar的These Walls】
I stuck it up in her jaws, I’m breakin’ walls, like I was Katrina

咱俩并不相识 但她知道哥的flow吊炸天
Don’t even know me, but she know my flow is O.G

她告诉哥 当她孤独寂寞时她会玩弄自己的木耳
She told me she like to play with the pussy when she get lonely

哥告诉她 哥能完美替代她的左手和右手
Homie if I was only right there instead of a sony

你说你下面已经湿了 但别只是说说 赶紧展示给哥瞧瞧
You claimin’ the pussy wet, but dont tell me baby, just show me

She ask if I’m comin’ up with the mask in my entrance

Sinner in a second real spitter like every sentence

自打哥还是个菜鸟开始 她就在为罪行忏悔
She was there for repentance, ever since i was an infant

我全力摧毁着这片木耳 别忘了我心中充满了复仇的怒火
I’m damagin’ the vagina, remind you I’m filled with vengeance

Hit em whenever they wanna run up

And they doing it ’cause I rap and shit

I really don’t care, whatever it takes, to get ’em up on the mattress

哥原本也可以去街头混混帮派 做个暴力匪徒
I could have been the one that’s on the run for busting a gun

但是跟这些女人们混在一起 显然更有乐趣
But this is way more fun to get up in these motherfucking actresses

她们穿着比基尼 吮吸着哥的大炮
In bikinis and suckin’ on my zucchini

她喝着苹果味的Martini 讲述着她对我如此着迷
She told me she wanna be me while sippin’ Apple Martinis

如果我是个年少多金的坏男人 她可能更不会离我而去
Fuck it if I’m a meanie she probably would never leave me

哥可是经验十足的老司机 精通各种技巧和花样
Shit I can play eenie meanie from sly and cuff on my weenie

And now I see ’em on every record and stage

她们出现在观众群里 眼神里都满怀着希望
They posted up in the audience, all of ’em filled with hope

Knowin’ they only wanna be in the presence

她们都想求艹 就因为哥实在太屌了
Or get affiliated with you because you was dope


[Verse 4: Snow Tha Product]

九爷 你也知道我一直以来都是如此
Hey now Tech, you know I’ve been the type

To not go all in on I’m hoes I’ve been around

But the flow I spit gets hoes all in the zone

我不敢回应她们的诋毁 但其实她们都错了
That I won’t talk shit but oh my damn they wrong

而这些幼稚的臭男人都来打我电话 想知道我男友的尺寸大不大
And these men calling in they’re wondering if I’m a get with a little dick

他们根本没有常识 也没有任何吸引力
They got no common sense and with no collagen

Their position is probably something insignificant

你说我是个碧池 只不过因为老娘不吃你那一套
If you think I’m a bitch ’cause I probably missed the game you kickin’

一直都在烦我 想方设法让我搭理他们
They be hollering hope I acknowledging

Because I have been methodically dropping the common knowledge

That I don’t get down like that

现在他们肯定又在弄些小伎俩 去追逐另一个碧池
Now they be hounding a bitch or probably get with a trick

Or a treat cause they dogs and they all gon’ bark like that

姐就是这么屌 统治了这说唱的游戏
I’m killing the game, killing the game, killing the game

他对姐产生了感觉 就想直奔主题 而我还想等等
So he feeling me, he want to bang I want to wait

他就开始用威胁的话语 想让姐屈服
So he get at me he want to say shit that make

他说如果姐不想逗留 他就要霸王硬上弓
Me think that he gone rape me If I don’t stay

因为姐独特的说唱风格 已足以让台下的群众高潮
Cause I got that sickening style, that built me a crowd

直男弯女都想跟姐套近乎 这让我惊讶不已
And men and women feelin’ me now and it’s freaking me out

因为姐只是搞不明白 他们这样到底是为了什么
Cause I’m just here to figure it out and what this is about

但我现在想说这已经有点太过疯狂 有点让我害怕
But I’mma say it’s getting so wild that it’s tripping me out

因为姐并不想打击你们的幻想 姐只为做出牛逼的音乐
Cause I’m like here to kill the morale just kill all these sounds

但之后当我在台上表演后 这些渣男就想来套近乎
But lately when I spit to a crowd, these men just reach out

他们都说他们的妹纸都跑了 现在他们欲火难耐
And they tell me that they women is down, they gettin’ aroused

他们都想用微笑和酒精来让我上当 他们都说想跟姐生猴子
And they be tryin’ to give me they child, with a Gin and a smile

They say they wanna (Fuck)



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