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I’m lookin’ like I’m gonna get it, you prolly don’t get it
老子即将开始屠杀 你可能还没反应过来
I come in your house with a microphone
Lookin’ like I’m ’bout to set up a show in your kitchen
I’m out of my mind, but I feel like I’m in it
我失去理智 却又好像都安排妥当
If I never make it, don’t make any difference
即使我成功不了 也没什么差别
I’m still gonna kill it, you know what the deal is
老子依然牛逼 你懂吗?
Ain’t never no chillin’ when I’m in the buildin’
当老子在你面前的时候 你可千万别放松警惕
NF is a monster, I am a villain
NF是个怪物 而我是凶残歹徒
My music is sick, and you don’t know what “ill” is
哥的音乐太牛逼了 以至于你要重新理解一下“牛逼”的含义
You better get back, I don’t write any filler
你最好往后躲躲 我不写敷衍的东西
I write what I feel and I’m feelin’ a million
想到什么老子就写什么 恰巧老子又感慨万千
So you better shh, be quiet, you hear it?
所以啊你最好 嘘 听见了吗?
I’m ’bout to lose it
I’m on a whole different level of music
Don’t treat me like I have no clue how to do this
You better rethink what you’re thinkin’ and move it
Now picture me writin’ when I was a kid tryna make it in music, I think it is crazy
想象一下 我从还是孩子的时候就开始写词然后希望靠这个吃饭 这真的太疯狂了
I spent all my money on studio time, tryna get on my music so people could play it
我花掉所有的钱去录音棚 希望能做歌给大家听
I’ma keep it one hundred, my music was terrible, learned to get better, the more that I made it
我付出百分百心血 曾经我的歌很烂 但越做我越厉害
Go back to my Moments album, most of you people, you prolly don’t know what I’m sayin’, hold up!
想起来我Moments那张专辑 你们可能都没听说过这张专辑对吧 给我等等!
What you’re witnessin’ now? Don’t try to figure me out
你想知道你在见证什么吗? 别瞎想了
I grab on that microphone, jawin’ the crowd
They was laughin’ at me, who they laughin’ at now, huh?
他们以前可喜欢笑话我了 现在再笑一个看看啊 哈?
I laugh at myself, some people they lookin’ like, “wow”
我自己都笑了 有些人惊讶的张大了嘴说
The moment you told me that you was a rapper I couldn’t believe it
You believe it now?
Step in the booth and I murder it
You never heard of a rapper that kill it like I do
I sleep on the couch in the studio
Stay up ’til three in the morning, and write ’til I get more
熬夜熬到三点 直到我写够
The moment I wake up I feel like I don’t even sleep
And I’m ready to put out my record
Which, thank you for buyin’, maybe you burned it
无论你是购买支持 还是指指点点
But either way, I’m gonna wreck it
不可否认的是 我将大杀四方
I look at the industry, look what it did to me
我眼看着这圈子 看着它对我的影响
You’ll never make it if you never grind
You put a whole lot of money into it
You better be ready to give it your time
I look at the past awful years of my life
And I promise you I have been given it mine
Try to keep up with this, I’m not a puppet
我仍在不断付出 但我不是木偶
No string on my back, I’m one of a kind
别想操控我 老子独一无二
Music is changing, no way to tame this
音乐变化太快 不可能掌控它的脉络
I am an artist, look what I painted
哥是个艺术家啊 看看我的作品
Hang up the caution tape, I’m dangerous
快把警戒线拉起来吧 哥可是很危险的存在
Does anyone know where my brain is?
对了 有人知道我脑子哪去了吗?
Rappers are comfortable knowin’ they’re famous
But I, really don’t care what your name is
And I, really don’t care if I’m nameless
Y’all just drivin’ around, I know where my lane is
你们就是来凑热闹的 但老子很清楚自己在干嘛
Cocky? Nah, I’m competitive?
装逼? 不 我只是爱竞争
This is a job for me, it’s adrenaline
这是我的工作 我的肾上腺素
Don’t try to box me in, I am Mayweather
别想跟我比拳法 我可是梅威瑟级的拳王
【wordplay:box me in把我禁锢在固有的东西里面,指NF不会为了别人妥协】
I come in the ring, my punches are way better
老子就是权威 拳法比你精湛得多
I never drink, but I live in these bars
我不喝酒 依然才思泉涌
The moment you blink is the moment you lost
别眨眼 否则下一秒你就要输
Say you a king, who put you in charge?
自称为王? 谁给的你胆子
Don’t care what you think, I’ll break in your car
老子不管你怎么想 冲进你的车
Climb on the top of it, sound the alarm
爬到车顶 拉起警报
And wake up the neighborhood, rap in your yard
惊醒四邻 在你的地盘飞扬跋扈
And carry the speakers on both of my arms
‘Til you keep sleepin’ on me, I’m at large
让你赶紧醒醒 老子当权了
Enough with the jokes, I ain’t jokin’
不开玩笑了 但老子也没跟你开玩笑
You come in a session with me, I’ma show you what dope is
你跟老子玩 老子告诉你什么叫无毒不丈夫
And when I say “dope,” I ain’t talkin’ ’bout smokin’
I’m talkin’ ’bout music that has an emotion
I look at this mic, it’s part of my family
我看着手里的麦克风 它已然成为了我的家人
Take it away, I’m comin’ to find you
你要是把它拿走 我就一定会找到你
I’ve been through a lot in my life
And it’s hard to get people to listen when no one’s behind you
And then Capitol came in the picture and gave me a shot
之后Capiotl来了 给了我一个机会
And look at it now
I look at the team I’m dealin’ with, agh
我看着我的团队 啊
These people ain’t playin’ around
Lookin’ back, I gotta laugh
回首过去 我不禁笑出声
I was in a whole different place a year ago
I look at the math, I look at the map
看看我的条件 看看我的家乡
【NF成名的条件并不多 且家乡密歇根也并没有太多与说唱相关的资源】
And thank you God, I swear it’s a miracle
谢谢你上帝 这一切完全是奇迹
And I’m sorry, but I gotta leave
不过很抱歉 我要走了
But, man, this track was beautiful
但是 哇 这首歌真是太美了
The least I can do if I murder a beat
Is take the time to go to its funeral, haha
至少让我去参加一下它的葬礼吧 哈哈



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