Machine Gun Kelly Ft. Leroy Sanchez – Gone

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[Hook: Leroy Sanchez]
I know you’ve been gone, gone, gone

I know you’ve been gone, gone, gone

I know you’ve been gone, gone, gone

But are you missing me?

I know you’re missing me

[Verse 1: MGK]
Looking down at my phone, see another missed call
看了看手机 又多了一个未接来电

I’m pissed off, I never had these problems back when I was piss poor
这让我十分恼怒 当年穷困潦倒时也没如此混沌堕落过

Scared to see my daughter now because I’m lost in the life
我害怕看见我的女儿 因为我正陷入这人生的泥沼

In the bathroom getting high when she called twice
她打来两次电话 而我却在浴室里抽个不停

Sorry, but I’m scared to look at something so precious when I’m a mess
实在抱歉 当我一团糟的时候不敢去看那些珍贵的事物

And her mother know it, I wonder if she ever regrets
她的妈妈肯定也了解这一点 不知到她妈妈是否也有后悔过

Tryna convince my family that I’m only gone for these checks
想要重新拾起家庭的碎片 却不得不为这些支票而奔波

When really I’m obsessed with getting my revenge through success
我正沉浸于那些复仇的幻想 希望再次杀回事业的巅峰

Cause people hated on me, how could I not show ’em?
人们是如此厌恶我 我怎能不证明自己

Fans waited on me, damn, how do I not owe ’em?
歌迷们也在等着我 我欠他们太多

Imagine having to make that decision

While baby girl’s in the kitchen, tears dripping

Wondering where her pop’s going

But I never meant to make you unhappy, can I see that smile?
但我不是故意让你不开心 能否给我一个微笑

Phone’s ringing… “Aye, yo, I’m with my child”
当电话再次响起 我回应道‘我在陪孩子呢’

Anyways, I wanna write you a symphony
无论如何 我只想为你写一首歌

But instead she said all I ever wanted is you to stay a while, damn
但或许你最想要的 是爸爸能多在身边陪伴你一会儿

[Hook: Leroy Sanchez]

[Bridge: MGK]
And hey, hey, hey
嘿 嘿 嘿

It’s been so long since you’ve gone away

[Verse 2: MGK]
Five years to be more specific
确切的说 已经过去五年了

I was out here trying to sign to Atlantic

You crossed the Pacific

Now is it a coincidence that my first instrument was a violin
我的第一首伴奏是用小提琴做的 或许这只是个巧合

That my father wanted for me, so we ended up buying
想起小时候你想让我学琴 就给我买了一把

And now the instrumental that we’re vibing to got one high in it

And while I’m writing my first verse he called me up crying?
正当我写下第一段歌词的时候 你的来电让我不禁落泪

That shit is crazy, half a decade with no explanation
简直无法想象 整整五年你都杳无音信

Now you’re asking if it’s too late to save us
现在你却问我 挽救这家庭是否已经太晚

Man, I don’t know so I hang up without saying nothing, just click end
这让我如何回答 我一言不发就挂了电话

Wasn’t man enough to say it so I wrote with a pen
我想我无法鼓起勇气说出这些心里话 还不如写在歌里

I just wanted to make you happy, but you never smiled
我一心只想让你满意 而你却从未给我一个微笑

I just wanted that phone call that said your daddy’s proud
我真希望当电话铃响 传来的话语是‘爸爸为你感到骄傲’

Anyways, maybe eventually we’ll relive memories
无论如何 或许最终我们能忘却那些不堪的往事

And you’ll be next to me and both of us can stay a while, yeah
而你也会回来 在我身边陪伴一会儿


[Bridge: MGK](2x)

[Outro: MGK & (Leroy Sanchez)]
One day I’ll be gone

One day, one day, one day I’ll be gone

(But are you missing me?)



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