Lupe Fiasco – Intruder Alert

入侵者警报 Lupe Fiasco – Intruder Alert 中英双语非官方MV




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[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
She said, there was no love in her heart
她说 她的内心已不再有爱

Cause one day, a rapist attacked her and broke that all apart
因为那一天 一个强奸犯的入侵让她的生活支离破碎

She said there was no way to fix it or to cover her scars
她说 已经没有办法修复她脆弱的心 无法治愈她的伤痕

Then one day a guy came along that probably could help her start
直到有一天 一个男人独自来到了她的身边 或许能帮她走出困境

He was sincere made her believe it was safe, for her to trust again
他的真诚让她再一次信以为真 找到了避风的港湾

Before long, she was cool with givin’ hugs to him
长久以来 她都不介意给他最温暖的拥抱

Knew that it was right, cause somethin’ was wrong
一切开始变得那么美好 似乎抚平了她过去的创伤

The alarms in her mind didn’t tell her he didn’t belong
脑中的警铃并没有再次响起 这个男人并未让她感到一丝不安

There was no

[Hook: Matthew Santos and Sarah Green]
Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
He said, nobody else ever loved him
他说 再也没有人愿意爱他

That’s why, he get high enough to go touch the heavens above him
这就是为什么他会染上毒瘾 产生的幻觉仿佛能让他触摸到天堂

Vividly remembers every pipe, every needle that stuck him
他清晰地记得每一根使用过的烟管 每一支注射过的针头

Every alley he ever slept in, every purse that he snuck in
清晰地记得他露宿过的每个街巷 偷过的每一个钱包

Every level of hell he’s been to, and the one that he’s stuck in
他经受过每一级地狱的煎熬 却依然越陷越深

The one he can’t escape, even though it’s of his own construction
他似乎永远无法逃脱 即使这一切都是他自己所造成的后果

Maybe you can relate, maybe you one of those that just doesn’t
或许你能感同身受 又或许你从未体会过这种感觉

Maybe he doesn’t care, loves to allow these demons to come in
又或是他根本不在乎 任由这些恶魔来侵占他的精神和肉体

With no

[Hook: Matthew Santos and Sarah Green]
Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Famine strikin’ his home-land and no social standin’ in the economic peckin’ order
饥荒蔓延在他的祖国 在这弱肉强食的经济秩序里 他毫无社会地位

Emergency relief distribution systems is in disorder

He’s checkin’ water, makin’ sure it’s safe enough for his daughter
他测试水的深度和流向 但愿能让她的女儿一切平安

To float across in the boat he built

Hopefully strong enough to support her
能抵御所有的风浪 带她飘洋过海

Prayin’ border patrols don’t catch her ass

Process and deport her

Before she reach the shore, of the land of the free
希望她能到达彼岸 那片自由的土壤

Where they feed you, treat you like equals
那里不会再有饥饿 人人地位平等

Deceive you, stamp you and call you illegal
又或许这都是他们的谎言 你只会成为附上印记的非法移民

And there’s an

[Hook: Matthew Santos and Sarah Green]
Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

Intruder, Alert
入侵者 警报

[Outro: Sarah Green]
There’s someone here, and it’s not me
我感觉到有人在靠近 从未见过的陌生人

How could this be? I locked my doors
为何我还会被入侵? 我已锁上了所有的门

Kept my armies on my shore

Point my rockets at the sky

I’m so fortified

I built my wall so high

So why oh why are there

[Closing Hook: Matthew Santos and Sarah Green]



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