Logic – All I Do

我所要的 Logic – All I Do 中英双语MV




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“Ayo, shout out to Black Diamond.
感谢Black Diamond制作的beat

I got them Nikes on my feet as we speak, homie. Shout out to Mac… Miller…”
穿上酷炫的耐克 就像我哥们儿Mac Miller

All I do is rhyme, all I do is get this money
哥就是要说唱 哥就是要挣钞票

All I do is grind, play shows and chill with honeys
就是要上台表演 就是要玩大妞

All I do is shine, tour the world, ain’t it funny?
哥就是要闪耀 全球巡演多有趣啊

I’m one of a kind

[Verse 1]
My name is Logic, if you don’t know by now, I’m always on my grind
大家好我就是Logic 如果你还不了解 至少要知道我一直在努力奋斗

And at this moment in time, I’m on a road when I write this rhyme
此时此刻 我正在路途中写下这些歌词

Sitting behind Raheem Devaughn while he’s passed out

‘Bout to hit the station ‘fore our gas is out
趁着油箱还没报警 赶紧去加油站

Look outside the window, I see shorties with they asses out, oh my

Good god you know we fly

Day dreaming out the window watch how buildings pass me by
作者白日梦 呆呆地望着窗外的一座座高楼大厦飞速掠过

See I ain’t signed but at this point in time

I’m feeling like the 3-6-8th

Wonder of the world, just might steal your girl
我会夺走你的妹子 这将是下一个世界奇迹

All I do is rhyme and get money, that’s my repertoire
我要做的就是说唱和挣钞票 计划表上就这两件事

Holla at honeys, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?” 【这一句法语来自经典歌曲Lady Marmalade的副歌】
向妹子们打个招呼 ‘愿意与我共度良宵吗?’

Baby what’s the deal, have you ever heard of some shit so real? (Cudi what up?) 【这一句歌词来自Kid Cudi的The Prayer】
‘你觉得我够不够屌 你听过这么牛逼的词句吗?’

It’s going down, feeling like a millionaire
这感觉太美妙 感觉自己就像个土豪

Riding with the top down, while the rest of the world just stare
摇下车窗 让整个世界都注视着我


[Verse 2]
This is the joint that when you hear it you like, “That’s my shit!”
当你听到这首歌 你会忍不住大喊‘简直碉堡了’

Maybe at a house party while you getting lit
或许你在家庭派对玩嗨的时候 这首歌正在播放

Or while you cruising round town riding in a whip
或是你在路上兜风的时候 这首歌正在循环

One thing’s for sure, you better get all of your friends hip
毋庸置疑的是 你最好和你的朋友们分享我的音乐

If a shorty like my music, then she a (bobbysoxer) 【Logic自称Young Sinatra,bobbysoxer代表13至19岁的女孩,也是Sinatra粉丝的代名词】
如果妹子们喜欢我的歌 那她们肯定清音柔体易推倒

Got a booty, know how to use it, homie yes I rocks her
前凸后翘 你知道我肯定会让她爽翻天

The second I jump on a stage, I’m rocking it, ain’t nobody stopping it
当我跳上舞台 谁也挡不住哥的霸气

Whoever goes on after me, I’m sorry, you ain’t topping it
下一个登场的无论是谁 都无法超越哥的表演

It’s going down, feeling like a millionaire
这感觉太美妙 感觉自己就像个土豪

Riding with the top down, while the rest of the world just stare
摇下车窗 让整个世界都注视着我


[Verse 3]
Ever since I was a youngin I knew I’d break in the game

While you worshipped other rappers that leave you less entertained
当你开始盲目崇拜其他rapper的时候 你就逐渐迷失了自我

I was strategizing, before the people knew my name
破茧而出之前 我就早已制定好了作战计划

Fame, but I shall attain on the road to success
名利如此诱人 我应该走上正确的成功之路

Bumping Jay in the H.O.V. lane
就像Jay-Z一样 成为人生赢家

Searching for wisdom in women but only getting brain 【参见J.Cole的Lights Please】
想在女人身上发现她们的智慧 而她们却只懂得伸出舌头

Yo quiero dormir contigo mi amorcito

I know we fight, but that’s poquito 【西班牙语 poquito = little】
‘我们也会有争吵 但那并不可怕

Unless you do me foul like a free throw, then we finito 【意大利语 finito = finished】
除非你彻底对我犯规 我们才算了结’





  1. 这首歌太牛逼了!

  2. all I do is grind 没有翻译出来, 意思是钱对于他来说并不重要,只要能够填饱肚子,不用挨饿像他以前穷的时候的样子就可以了。

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