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[Verse 1]
Woke up at 7, my day seemed more than I prayed for
清晨7点起床 今天似乎会发生一些超出我所祈求的事情
Got dressed to head out and ride to school on my skateboard
穿好衣服出门 踩着滑板一路直奔学校
New kid in class I sat alone takin’ notes while the hoodlums were makin’ jokes at the clothes that my momma paid for
我是刚来的新生所以独自坐在一旁记笔记 而那些小混混在一旁拿我身上的衣服开玩笑 那可是妈妈买给我的衣服
Seemed like everyone was a part of some gang invasion
Tattoos, the initiation, parole and some probation
他们都有纹身 或是刚加入帮派 或是正处于保释期间
Soakin’ up the vibe as I study for information
在这种紧张的气氛中 我也在持续收集信息
‘Cause lately I been deprived of a normal day
But today, on my way to eat lunch, some kid approached me
但今天有些不同 我去食堂吃饭遇到一个哥们儿跟我套近乎
He told me “we should be cool” if only he got to know me
他告诉我”咱俩应该做兄弟” 或许他只是想进一步了解我
‘Cause on this side of town I would need some protection
因为在城市的这一片区域 我真的需要一些保护
It’s crazy, reckless and dangerous
这里十分危险 疯狂而又凶残
Unless I’m some sort of gangster, I’m only safe with the police
除非我也加入帮派 否则我只能跟警察在一起才安全
He said his name was [blank] 【真实故事中的凶手已被判刑35年,所以此处名字被省略】
I dapped him up at the busses
I was kinda skept’ about him at first cause I didn’t trust him
一开始我还对他有些怀疑 因为我无法完全相信他
The more I got to know him, I couldn’t tell what his motives were
当我们彼此进一步了解 我却更弄不清他的真实意图
Hopin’ that he was sincere, somethin’ told me “let go”
希望他是真心想和我做兄弟 心里却有个声音让我赶紧远离他
But the only thing on my mind was patience
Searchin’ twice for a different life, I was tired of waitin’
多次想摆脱这种提心吊胆的生活 我早已无法忍受
‘Cause me and [blank] had similar views and conversations infused with knowledge
因为他和我有很多共同语言 也有很多相似的观点
Mainly ’bout school and college, that was my true, but regardless
He was type cool when I was wit’ him
Introduce him to my family, they were rockin’ wit’ him
把他介绍给我的家人 家人们都对他很热情
My momma told him, “Make sure you look out for my son”
妈妈对他说 “在学校里你可得帮着我儿子”
And before she could finish her sentence, he quickly just interjected and said, “Don’t you even stress it, I got it under control.”
没让妈妈把话说完 这哥们儿就直接说”别担心,我心里都有数”
It’s been two months since we met, it seemed like we’d gotten close
认识他也有两个月了 似乎我们的关系已经到了密不可分的地步
Some cat approached me and tried to beef wit’ me, I just froze
当学校里有人想欺负我的时候 我非常害怕
Then I see [Blank] pounded and stompin’ homie out of his clothes
然后我看到我哥们儿站出来 把那家伙收拾了一顿
Called me his brother and told me he got me to the fullest
我们以兄弟相称 他说他会一直保护着我
Even if that mean bullets, bullies, gangs, AKs and choppas ’till they kill us
即使是那意味着暴力和杀戮 他会为我扣动扳机直到死去
That’s the realest shit I ever witnessed
A few weeks later, my uncle sold me a Honda Civic
几周之后 我的叔叔卖给我一辆本田思域
A ’93 with no license plates and no registration
一辆93年的老车 没有车牌和行驶证
Just thinkin’ about every place that I’ma go when I finally get it
And then he asked me for a ride around the block some distance from where I was parkin
And instantly I knew the spot was sketchy, my momma would kill me
当时我马上就开始觉得这个地方非常可疑 如果妈妈知道肯定会阻止我
My intuition told me not to, I knew it was wild
我的直觉告诉我别去 我知道这件事很疯狂
And plus I knew I had no business or place on that side of town
而且我也很明白 我根本没有理由去这座城市的另一边
And I read about some chick that went lurkin’ without a sound and got murked
我在报纸上看到新闻 一个女孩在郊区失踪了 最后被人杀害
Her body found in that dirt, with a thousand rounds
她的尸体在泥土里被人发现 身上全是弹孔
It was worse than abandoned buildins of bandits, villians, and scammers
这比那些匪徒藏身的废墟更加恐怖 比那些疯子和骗子更加凶残
Killers provokin’ gangsters, but maybe I’m overthinkin’
杀手和匪帮们相互挑衅 但或许我只是想得太多了
Maybe I might be straight just as long as I pump the brakes
或许当我发动汽车上路的时候 一切都会平安无事
And try not to think about it just trust I’ll be fuckin’ safe
尽量不要去想那些事情 只相信自己不会遇到危险
And then I told him, “Let’s go, hop in.”
于是我告诉我的好哥们 “咱们出发吧”
He dapped me up, he started tellin’ jokes the whole ride there
再次击拳致意 在车上他一直再讲各种段子和笑话
Had me crackin’ up
As we were gettin closer, I felt funny, my stomach turned
当我们快到达目的地的时候 我感觉到了一丝不安 肚子开始反胃
Then he told me, “Go left, make another turn, go right, and drive slow”
随后他对我说 “左转之后再过一个弯右转 然后稍微开慢一点”
As I look, it was all abandoned and quiet, not a single person in sight, nobody standin
我朝窗外望去没有任何人出现 这是一片寂静而荒废的地方
And right when I pulled the car to the side
He said, “Right here, sit still. Turn the car off and chill.”
他说 “就是这里,把车熄火然后放松一下”
That’s when I start to panic he told me, “Relax.”
当我开始恐慌 他却说”别紧张”
Then he pulled the keys out the ignition and hopped out and laughed
他把车钥匙拔出来 跳出车外然后开始大笑
Then my life flashed in an instant
He inched to my driver door then I tried to lock it, I couldn’t
他来到我的车门前 我想锁住却已经无法挽回
Ripped me right outta my seat and then grabbed the side of his jeans and then
他把我从座位上拖下来 然后他似乎想从他的裤子里掏出什么东西
Pulled out the shotty and all I heard was a screech and he shot my arm into pieces
他拿出了一把霰弹枪 之后我听到一声枪响 他把我的胳膊打碎
I’m thinkin’ I must be dreamin’, another shot to my chest
我还以为我在做噩梦 然后胸口又中了一枪
And my stomach’s squeezin’, my breath or my lungs collapsin
肚子开始抽搐 肺部受损让我不能呼吸
I’m down on my fuckin knees askin’ him, “Why?”
我双膝跪地 问他”为什么?”
He looked at me, I looked him dead in the eyes
他看着我 他的眼神如此冷峻无情
And he smashed my face with the barrel
And I throw my teeth to the sky and then uh
I heard a [cocks shotgun] sound of the shotty cock back
He pressed it hard against my head and blew my fuckin top back
他再次扣动了扳机 直接朝我的头上来了一枪
I’m still conscience, I’m breathin’
我还有一些知觉 我还能勉强呼吸
I’m still movin’, no clue as to why I’m not dead
我还能动弹 不知道为何我还没有死去
All this blood that I’m losin’ and I heard my car drive off
我已失血过多 然后听见我的车被人开走
And I looked up and saw the sun and that was all that I saw
当我仰头看天空 只有太阳在照射着我
Then I heard my conscience tell me,
“Get up nigga get up! You’re losin’ blood, oh my! Don’t fall asleep or you’ll die!
Stay awake and move as much as possible, there’s no time! Find some help or try to yell, you ain’t too well, oh God!
Wake up, nigga! Wake up! Wake up, nigga! Wake up⋯”
[Verse 2]
Woke up at 7, my day was worse than I prayed for
清晨7点起床 今天似乎会比我想象中更加糟糕
Got dressed, then head out, down the stairs from the eighth floor 【Joyner用隐喻的手法说明凶手住在贫民区】
穿好衣服出门 从八层一路走下楼梯
New kid in class, he sat alone, takin’ notes while my niggas were makin’ jokes at the clothes that his mama paid for
班上来了个新同学独自坐在一旁记着笔记 我的弟兄们却在嘲笑着他身上的衣服
Had no family, but was cool with the local gangstas
我没有家人 但我和这些本地的帮派混得挺好
Tattoos, and now I’m on parole and probation for breakin’ rules
我身上有纹身 现在因为违法正处于保释期
That life was all I knew, all I wanted was to do was cruise smoke weed and say, “Fuck school”
这种生活方式是我唯一了解的 我想做的就是开着车飞着叶子然后”去NMD学校”
Wanted guidance cause all my role models I would look up to
我也想要被人指引 但我所有的榜样都是相似的下场
Was indicted a young dude with no logic
I went to church and told the pastor said, “Fuck you.”
Now I’m violent and this game that always looked out for me
如今我已和暴力为伴 这匪徒的生活方式一直是我的靠山
Vouched for me and adopted me said they wanted to rock wit me
这些混混向我保证他们会保护我 会一直照顾我
And I wanted to get down, guess there was somethin’ missin’
我也想融入这个圈子 但似乎我还有未完成的使命
Everything comes with a price, “There’s only one condition:
因为天下没有免费的午餐 所以我只有一个选择
All you gotta do for initiation is kill an innocent victim and leave em there with no witnesses or no snitches
If you do that, you’d be down with the clique and that’s for life so don’t you ever think you getting outta this shit”
And I thought about it
Soakin’ up the vibe as I study for information, tryna choose my victim, plottin’ the weakest prey
在这紧张的气氛中我搜集着信息 试图寻找我的目标 发现最脆弱的猎物
But today on my way to eat lunch, I approached him
今天在食堂吃饭的时候 我尝试着接近这个猎物
And told him we should be cool, if only I got to know him
告诉他我们两个应该做朋友 或许我只是想更了解他
Cause on this side of town, he would need some protection
因为在城市的这一边 他需要被人保护
It’s crazy reckless or phony unless he some type of gangster and he only stayed with the police
除非他也加入帮派 否则只能跟警察在一起才能保证安全
He said his name was [Ross Capicchioni] and I dapped him up at the busses
他说他的名字叫Ross Capicchioni 在校车上我们还打过招呼
Was kind of skept’ about me at first cause he didn’t trust me
当初我还有些怀疑 因为他似乎对我并不信任
Then the more he got to know me, he couldn’t tell what my motives were
当我们相互之间进一步了解 我的动机就变得更扑朔迷离
Hopin’ that I was sincere, but little did he know I was tryna snake him and pop a brick
他希望我是真诚的 但他怎能想到我的真实意图是让他做祭品
Just need the perfect opportunity, I’m tired of waitin’
我只需要一个合适的时机 我早已受够了等待
A murder runnin’ through my head, I knew that death was comin’
我脑中已计划好了一次谋杀 我知道死亡将会来临
He introduced me to his family, I was jealous of him
他把我介绍给了他的家人们 我开始对他感到妒忌
His momma told me “Make sure you look out for my son-”
And before she could finish her sentence I quickly just interjected and said
没让他妈把话说完 我就打断了她
“Don’t you even stress it. I got him to the fullest, even if that means bullets, bullies, gangs, AKs and choppas till they kill us.”
I was lyin to the fuckin’ limits
Took advantage when he said he had that Honda Civic
他说他得到了一辆车的时候 我感觉我的机会已到
A ’93 with no license plates and no registration
他说那是一辆93年的老车 没有车牌没有驾照也没有行驶证
Just thinkin’ about every place I’ma go when I finally kill him
And then I asked him for a ride around the block, some distance from where he was parked
然后我问他可不可以开车带我去一个地方 离这里有些距离的地方
And instantly I knew my chance was comin’, I’m ready to drill him
我瞬间意识到我的时机来临 今天我就要结束他的生命
Then he told me, “Let’s go, hop in.”
之后他对我说 “咱们出发吧”
I dapped him up and started tellin jokes the whole ride there
再次击拳致意后 我开始讲各种段子和笑话让他分散精力
Had him crackin up
As we were gettin’ closer, he felt funny
我们接近目的地的时候 他似乎察觉不安
I think he knew somethin’ was comin’, that look he had was enough to tell me
他已经意识到些什么 他的眼神告诉我他有些恐慌
But fuck it, go right and drive slow
事已至此 我让他右转之后放慢速度
As he looked, it was all abandoned and quiet
他看着车窗外 这是一片寂静的荒地
Not a single person in sight and nobody standin
And right when he pulled the car to the side
I said, “Right here, sit still. Turn the car off and chill.”
Then he start to panic, I told him, “Relax.”
这时他开始惊慌失措 我让他别紧张
Then I pulled the keys out the ignition and hopped out, laughed
之后我把车钥匙拔出 跳出车外然后放声大笑
His life flash in an instant
I inched to his driver door then he tried to lock it, he couldn’t
我走到他的车门前 他想锁住车门却为时已晚
And I ripped him right out his seat then I grabbed the side of my jeans and then
我直接把他拖出了驾驶舱 我想从我的裤子里掏出我的枪
I pull out the shotty, I cocked it twice ’till he screamed
我把枪掏出来 连射两枪直到他开始尖叫
And I shot his arm into pieces, I’m watchin’ his blood leakin’
我把他的手臂打成碎片 我就这样看着他血流不止
And another shot to his chest, seen his stomach squeezing
又一枪打在他的胸膛 他的肚子开始抽搐
His breath and his lungs collapse and he down to his fuckin’ knees
他肺部受损无法呼吸 然后就看见他跪在地上
Askin’ me, “Why?”
He looked at me, I looked him dead in the eyes
我就这样看着他 用我冷酷无情的眼神看着他
Then I smashed his face with the barrel, and I throw his teeth to the sky
然后用枪托狠狠地抽了他的脸 他的牙齿被打飞
And then [cocks shotgun] sound of the shotty cock back
I pressed it hard against his head and blew his fuckin’ top back
狠狠地朝他的脑袋开了一枪 打爆了他的头颅
Get the fuck outta my way, faggot
Come one, pick up
Yo, ayo I did it, I killed him
I had that nigga screaming out, …fucking blood…
Don’t talk too much on the phone, meet me at the spot
Aight, I won’t…



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