Bernz Ft. Kiddo AI – When It s Gone

Bernz Ft. Kiddo AI – When It s Gone 中英双语MV

我们就像一对配合默契的搭档 在他人制定的规则下尽情玩弄着对方,有时说着甜言蜜语,而有时伪装得就像假日里的冷血杀手一样……



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[Hook: Kiddo]
It’s 5 in the morning, got a drink in my hand
凌晨五点 手握一杯酒

Falling for you wasn’t part of the plan

Can’t you keep a secret

I only want you when you’re leaving
只有当你离去的时候 我才最需要你

But I miss you when it’s gone
失去你之后 我却又开始思念

I miss you when it’s gone
失去你之后 我才开始思念

I miss you when it’s gone gone gone gone gone
失去你之后 我才开始思念

I miss you when it’s gone (x2)
失去你之后 我才开始思念

[Verse 1: Bernz]
Sitting at the bar last night, rocks in my glass 【rocks可能是冰酒石或冰块】
昨夜我独自一人坐在酒吧里 酒杯里放满了冰块

Time slowing down, but the people here talking fast 【形容喝醉时的感受】
时间仿佛变慢 而周围人们的交谈变得更快

I just came to vibe out, I ain’t here for all of that
我本只想自斟自饮 并未想过要寻觅新欢

When I let my guard down, then you came walking past
但当我放下一切防备 你却突然出现在我的眼前

Slicker than a surf and slide and there tryin’ to work it

Messages were mixed like the drinks that I purchased
而你发来的信息总是让我捉摸不透 就像我买下的这杯混合酒

Maybe it was meant to be, I can’t blame the alcohol
或许这就是天作之合 酒精并不是你我相识主要原因

Cause after we collided that night, the chips were bound to fall
因为那一夜的交合之后 这感觉便一发不可收拾

We not together, but there’s definitely not another fling
我们并未确立关系 但很明显我们之间没有其他的选择

Only communicate to say which room I’m staying in

By all accounts were both just here for the fun of it

But if I had to it all again, I’d take the mulligan 【Mulligan指第二次机会,通常用于高尔夫比赛中】
但如果能再给我一次重来的机会 我会做得更好

I had to do it all again I let you love me then
如果上天能让我再来一次 我会让你爱上我

If I had to do it all again, we’d be a couple friends
如果上天能让我再来一次 我们或许真能永远在一起

If this’s our only shot, then I’ll be gunnin’ for the fun again
这若是我们最后的机会 我会再次追寻我们之间的欢愉

Cause early in the morning I’ll be back out on the run again
因为当太阳再次升起 我又将回到生活的正轨

[Hook: Kiddo]

[Verse 2: Bernz]
You miss me when I’m gone, but don’t want me to stay for long (uh-uh)
每当我离去之后你才会思念我 但你又不愿让我久留

The second I move on, the feelings you got are strong
每次我起身要走 那时你的感觉最为强烈

You been up late, down on the fact that I’m going upstate
可当我想要再进一步 你却开始退缩和防备

Stale bread turning into cupcakes, for fucks sakes
原本稳定的亲密变为偶尔的相遇 真是事与愿违

Now it’s complicated in a place we both evaded
如今情况变得复杂 我们都在互相逃避

Missed the days that turned to nights, flights to rendezvous in Vegas
怀念那些飞去Las Vegas的夜店 只为与你相会的日和夜

Sometimes the way you act makes me feel you wanna lock it down
有时你的一些话语 让我觉得你想要确立我们的关系

But then you switch it up, and act so different when I be around
但你却是如此多变 当我来到身边你又突然转变心意

I guess that’s just the games we play

I regret to say: both of us are players working well within the rules they laid
我们就像一对配合默契的搭档 在他人制定的规则下尽情玩弄着对方

Fronting like we stone cold killers on a holiday

And saying things we’d never say unless we’re face to face

Say it to me now cause I’m leaving soon
而我就要离开了 请现在就对我说出一切

It’ll be hard to leave a message once I leave the room

And even harder when there’s no longer a me and you
若你我之间不再有爱意 也就无需再说些什么

This last shot’s for celebrating all that we’ve been through
这最后一杯酒 就当庆祝我们共同度过的这些夜晚

Now I’m gone

[Hook: Kiddo]



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