Isaiah Rashad – R.I.P. Kevin Miller

从不忘本 Isaiah Rashad – R.I.P. Kevin Miller 中英双语Live现场MV

就算我死在今日 我也名垂千古,我需要镶一口钻牙 活在1998,让我直面恶魔,最好的也未必是完美,我从不忘本,听我的歌才能感同身受。



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[Hook 8x]
Y’all live for bitches and blunts
We live for weed and money

[Verse 1]
Alright, now if I die today, bitch my legacy is straight
就算我死在今日 我也名垂千古
I’m the best they never heard, I’m your brother, just relate
我是最牛逼的 也是你可以依赖的大哥
I need diamond teeth, livin’ like it’s 1998
我需要镶一口钻牙 活在1998
Like when Percy was the king, back when Juvie was the great
那时Percy横行霸道 专辑Juvie大热[Percy=日后的Master P]
Bitch this doobie is the bait, Patton taught me how to pimp
doobie只是诱饵,而Patton才是开火的那个人[doobie=Andre 3000 Patton=Big Boi]
Like one day you here, then gone, that’s why Chad was downin’ shrimp
你来去无偿 就像天天抽麻的Chad 随时都可能离开我们[Chad=Pimp C shrimp=marijuana]
I’ve been ridin’ out, since I thought my Huffy was the shit
Chattanooga pool of sharks, don’t you slip and lose a limb
查塔努加混乱的街头 小心别玩火自焚[把街头比作充满着鲨鱼的池子 弱肉强食]
Slow it down, we losin’ ’em, I’ve been on the booze again
把节奏放慢一点 不然你跟不上我了 我也是醉了
Shit, that sober livin’ Hell, free Guwop if he in jail
艹 若让我清醒的活着还不如送我入地狱[我要天天抽麻] 要Guwop又被抓进去了 马上给我放出来![Guwop=Gucci Mane]
Nigga taught me ’bout the scale, it was vivid, I was there
要记得我的哥们第一次给我可卡因的时候 仿佛昨日再现[scale=cocaine]
I was on my first offense, I hope they gon’ give me bail
这是我的第一回合 他们给我送上了助攻
Screamin’ mothafuck a 12, bitches ain’t shit
陪审团在我旁边鬼叫 这TM的不算个事
Cops ain’t neither, they huntin’ my people
抓我兄弟的警察 也不算个事
Codeine I’m back, leanin’, I cope with my demons
我还是要用可待因 安逸 让我直面恶魔吧
The best is not perfect, the rest is not worth it, wake up!
最好的未必是完美 而剩下的不值一提 醒醒吧

[Verse 2]
Hey bitch I’m back, quit the whinin’, bring it back, oochie wally
嘿我回来了 擦擦泪 恢复你的浪 你个骚娘们[oochie wally 同样出现在NAS的QB’s Finest 意为浪女]
This the set? It’s that mothafuckin’ bet, who designed it?
又来这套?我举三条腿同意 谁教你这点伎俩的?[美国南方说的“That’s a bet”相当于I Agree]
This the one, how you make it out of Chat, who can fly yah
I’m the prince, it was written in the book, Jeremiah
I got dreams, I got bitches, I got hooks, you can buy ’em
我有梦想 我有婊子 我有唱副歌的本事 你都可以邀约
Fresh and clean, that Stankonia had me hooked as a child
清新自然 那张Stankonia专辑把我迷得像个小孩[Fresh and clean,Stankonia都是在对OutKast致敬]
Used to think my ambition was a scheme, I defy ’em
曾认为我的野心无法达成 但现在我摧毁了质疑
You can too, if you get up off your ass, fucking try it
你也可以像我一样 只要你不懈努力
I’m a snipe, I’m just tryna make the top fall off
我是一个狙击手 一直瞄准最顶端
On the whip, like a cannon, lollipop on y’all
像加农炮一样从不停歇 如果是一支棒棒糖 那我一定在最内圈
Xanny ho get me high, make me feel so tall
佳乐定让我嗨 感到自己无比伟岸[Xanny=Xanax pills 佳乐定镇定药]
I’m tryna keep my mental ground and so I feel for y’all
我从不忘本 你们听我的歌才能感同身受
I swear my eyes be bloody red, but bitch I feel amazing
我的眼睛充满血丝 但我感到无比爽快
And this is not a confrontation, that’s an understatement
这不是矫揉造作 我只喜欢轻描淡写
See this is runnin’ in your house and where your momma staying
You spending doja on some pussy, you ain’t concentratin’, just wake up!
你把买麻的钱花在婊子上 你也不坚定啊 醒醒吧[Doja=Money for weed]



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