Damian Lillard – Freestyle Rap on Sway in the Morning

即兴说唱 Damian Lillard – Freestyle Rap on Sway in the Morning 中英双语视频


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[Verse 1]
Me bein’ the chosen one was like a blessin’ in inception
感谢上苍一直保佑我 从开始到今日

A city known for homocide, majority depression 【利拉德来自加州奥克兰,美国第三危险城市】
人们都太抑郁 因为生活在这罪恶都市

Grindin in the gym so I can live through the recession
只有在球场上拼命 才能改变这颓势

Real goons show me love cuz they can feel how one connected
兄弟们还深爱着我 因为咱出处一致

Backround of a street dude, mind of a scholar
我成长于街头 却如此渴望高峰

Just to pop our column man, we climbin’ for the dollar
尽力做好本分 为了钞票而攀登

I mean it when I say it bro, we started from the bottom
字字箴言 我们来自社会最底层

Childhood, friends droppin’ like leaves and it’s autumn 【童年利拉德经历了许多朋友和亲人的离去】
悲惨童年 亲友如秋风落叶般飘零

Don’t believe time is money. Money is time 【利拉德认为付出了努力的时间才有价值】
时间不等于金钱 只有努力才会成功

When you focused, man, you look up and your money is fine 【许多黑人球员往往禁不住诱惑退役后不得不申请破产】
当你排除一切干扰 抬头便是海阔天空

I’m from the city where your friend would put a gun in your mind

Cuz you eatin’ and they envy all that glory and shine

I swear to god it gets realler. A city full of killers
我向天发誓这残酷的现实 充斥着杀手的城市

Addicts walkin round lookin’ like the zombies off of Thriller 【MJ的《Thriller》里面经典的僵尸舞】

It’s sick and gettin’ iller. That’s why my skin thicker
已病入膏肓却仍在恶化 所以我要变得强壮

Now you see why brother wanna get away, grab a Snicker 【Snicker:‘wanna get away’是士力架的广告语】
你应该已明白 为何人们要远离这现状

My mission took me to college where I picked up the knowledge
进入大学升华自己 这是我的使命

And I tried to stay away from violence inside, escape the virus
我试图摆脱暴力 也决定远离弊病

Dividing my folks retirement, but I rised from that environment
我虽然成长于此地 但必须划清界限

In my life it was perfect timing, and my drive blew me up, atomic 【atomic:利拉德把自己的球风比作原子弹】
强大的动力驱使着我 已抵达人生之巅

Sick of these suckers all in my bubble, though

Critiquing me on stuff I had to struggle for

This dream has been a long time coming 【罗马不是一天建成的】
此乃千里之行 需积跬步

And my clock was Forrest Gump, it spent a long time running 【Forrest Gump:跑步穿越美国的阿甘】
就像时钟 它已走过漫漫长路




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