B.o.B Ft. Trey Songz – Not For Long

爱不长久 B.o.B Ft. Trey Songz – Not For Long 中英双语MV




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[Hook: Trey Songz]
You will be mine 你将会坠入我的情网
Even if you’re somebody elses 即使你依偎在他人胸膛
But not for long 但这不会长久
Girl not for long 女孩这只是短暂的时光
Cause I’m your type 因为我是你的菜
If you’ve got the wrong impression 倘若你对我印象产生偏差
Girl not for long, girl not for long 女孩这不会长久 仅是短暂时光

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow 也许不是今日 也许并非明天
Maybe at the club, maybe at the bar 也许在聚乐部中相遇 也许是在酒吧
I wanna show you off like a trophy car (whip it) 我会像你炫耀荣华富贵(炫耀吧)
Cause anything is better than nothing at all 因为什么都比没有好
Nothing at all, nothing on you 没有你就没有意义
【印用B.o.B热单Nothing On You】
I just wanna show you a table for two 我只是想与在你烛光下共餐
All you did was go on a date with a dude 而你却只顾与别人约会
You know he don’t fit, he ain’t tailored for you 你知道她并不适合 他并不是为你量身定制
You just on a nigga dick cause cause he sold a brick 你只是向往他的雄鸡只因他赚钱还靠卖可卡因
Has he ever wrote a hit on some poet shit? 他难道写过什么大热单曲吗
That’s who you chillin’ on the sofa with? 你还在跟这种人在沙发上亲热?
I ain’t trippin’, in a minute it’ll be over with, aye 我不废话了 分秒之间就能看见结果


[Post-Hook: Trey Songz (B.o.B)] (x2)
Oooh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
(But not for long) 但这不会长久
Girl not for long 女孩这只是短暂的时光
Girl not for long 女孩这并不会长久

[Verse 2: B.o.B]
When they see us together, hell naw they can’t stand it 当他人看见我们在一起 鬼才理睬他们看不惯我们
I wonder if you’re matchin’ you bras with them panties 我只想知晓你的内衣搭配有何规矩
A gorgeous skin tan, hit the mall to do damage 美艳的肤色 温柔的屠杀
The way she hit the high notes, we all gon’ have Grammys 她高潮时的呐喊 能征服格莱美的判断
It’s marble not granite 正如超越花岗岩的大理石
(Tiptoein’) 蹑手蹑脚
From the counter, to the shower, for a hour 离开柜台花一小时共浴
Super powers, super powers 爽爆了 舒服极了
That’s that mojo, Austin Powers 既是这般技能 像奥斯汀一般
Search “real nigga”, I’ma pop up in your browser 百度一下便知我就是那个真男人
Aye, so go and get your body wet 哎 我会让你难以自拔
Panties off, we ain’t made it to the lobby yet 在到公寓之前我们还能打一炮
Put you on game girl so it’s obvious 显而易见你踏进了我的心房
I give you the world if you ain’t got it yet 如果你依旧迷茫就让我给你整个世界

[Hook] + [Post-Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: Trey Songz]
You might be with someone else 你也许还在依偎他人
But I still see that you finna be with a G like me 但我依然看得出你对我又眷恋之意
You never need, no one else 除我之外你绝不会需要任何人
And I know you know 我懂你的心
I’ma be like I told you so 我的为人我已告诉于你

[Hook] + [Post-Hook]



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