Bliss n Eso – House Of Dreams

梦想之屋 Bliss n Eso – House Of Dreams 中英双语MV




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[Verse 1: Eso]
Every letter is love and every word’s an oasis
歌词里的一字一句都充满了爱 带你进入心灵的绿洲

Tryna’ reach new heights like a bird in a spaceship 【把自己比作小鸟,把音乐看做能飞天的飞船】
我就像飞船中的鸟儿一样 试图达到新的高度

And you’re damn right, we’ve been working the late shift
算你猜对了 我们习惯了每个夜晚的辛苦创作

Tryna’ see how far on planet Earth we can take it
就想知道在这个地球上 我们的音乐到底能走多远

This is poetry in motion, the mystery of why
这是充满活力的诗歌 难以解开的谜题

Every motor is in motion and it’s visually divine
可以预见的是 每个发动机都已准备就绪

On a roll like Timmy, and they’re stuck in bad traffic
一路前行风雨无阻 而他们都已被远远堵在后面

So when I rock it, the bottom looks like Buckingham palace
当我站在舞台 白金汉宫仿佛都在我脚下

I feel fucking fantastic, a viking with the rhyme 【viking:彪悍的维京海盗】
这感觉太美妙了 我就像一个凶猛的说唱家

That lightning in the sky mixed with Tyson in his prime
空中雷鸣般的闪电 似乎暗示着我的统治力犹如巅峰期的拳王泰森

I tell it how it is and they got nothing to say
我诠释了说唱的真谛 而他们连个屁也放不出

I tell the haters I love ’em, just to fuck with their brain
告诉那些喷子说我爱他们 这不过是跟他们愚蠢的大脑开个玩笑

Duck, I’m insane, my flow’s like a swordfish
都退下吧 我就是这么疯狂 flow如剑鱼一般锋利

This is 100 percent straight up uncut raw shit

I can’t be bamboozled, that’s faker than a dollar sign
谁也迷惑不了我 那就像钞票的标志一样虚假

Beat me in their dreams and they wake up and apologise
在睡梦里意淫能击败我 醒来之后却又只能跪舔

Non-believers, tryna’ piss in my boots
那些质疑我们的人 想搞臭我们的名声

Don’t they know they’ll have to fly just to fit in my shoes
难道他们不知道只有飞上天空 才能勉强追寻我的脚步吗

Got the world in my palm, and my feet on the dash
感觉这世界都在我掌控之中 当我脚翘在仪表盘上

So let them bitch and wish I wasn’t the reason they rapped
所以就让他们逼逼吧 我的成功又不是他们失败的理由

Shit, I’m tryna’ write a song with insight

So look past the mask, there’s diamonds on the inside
请看透这层面具 真正的宝藏在伪装之下

We’re unplugged, and blessing you with magic
我们敞开胸怀 这魔性将助你一臂之力

Our drift is in the air, but the question’s can you catch it
我们的精神就在空气中漂浮 就看你能不能把握住

And it is love that can set you free

Watching the sun setting on the sea

And you can lift me above the highest mountain peak

And now I see, live from my balcony
从阳台远望 让我明白了一切

Welcome to my house of dreams

[Verse 2: Bliss]
Kind of comic how a kid from DC would Marvel at his superheroes 【DC和Marvel漫威都是著名漫画公司】
谁能想到一个来自华盛顿的孩子 会和心中的偶像走上同一条道路

Draining his Walkman battery juice to zero
会如此痴迷于嘻哈 用尽每个随身听的电池

A teen with a dream, and since the whole start
一个怀揣梦想的少年 从梦开始的那天

I’ve been like Quentin plotting from the video archives【昆汀·塔伦蒂诺,著名导演】

So I direct my film like Jack Sparrow’s compass
所以我导演自己的人生 就像杰克船长的罗盘

Cut sick, shooting like a black barrelled gunship

Just like when the rain and thunder hits the planet
仿佛闪电和暴雨 击打着这片大地

Dreamt once in the clouds, now the mothership has landed
曾经梦在云端 而如今母舰终于着陆

God damn it’s spectacular, lock it up and load
如此壮观 迸发出巨大的能量

With that flip of the tongue and hit of the drum, rock and fucking roll
劲爆鼓点和舌尖上的技巧 就能让你高潮迭起

I spark an idea, ignited from my balls

Add it to the 99 bottles of lightning on my wall

In a boat of hope, on an ocean where the sharks live
驾驶希望之船 航行在鲨鱼出没的大洋

Spitting fireflies to paint my poems in the darkness
这词句就像萤火虫 在黑暗中绘出了我的诗篇

Connectivity is in my stare

Shit, electricity is in the air

So throw your islands in the sky if you feel the vibe 【这里用islands替代hands,与前面的希望之船形成呼应,比喻每个歌迷就像大海中的一座岛屿,可以让船停靠】
所以你如果已被触动 请给予我们停泊的港湾

Hip-Hop is still alive every time we fly
嘻哈永存 只要我们还在翱翔

And when I find a line, like a rope I can use it
找到正确的航线 就像找到了绳索继续攀登

To lift me out the sea of disposable music

Which can’t touch my soul cause that dog shit smells

I wanna be taken away like a cosmic spell
我想远离这里 寻觅一片创作的净土

So no need to show me the money of bomb hit sales

Cause this song gives me the quan just like Rod Tidwell, and so

[Hook] (x2)



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