BET HIP-HOP Awards 2013 Cypher TDE

即兴说唱 BET HIP-HOP Awards 2013 Cypher TDE 中英双语现场Live

新生代TDE登场人物:Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar @ BET HIP-HOP Awards 2013!



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[Verse 1: ScHooAnnotatelboy Q]
Most of these niggas shouldn’t be next to us
这是我们的领地 不是这些像娘们儿该来的地方
We keep our distance from those, those acting like hoes
瓶瓶罐罐随处可见 充斥着大麻味儿 这里就是创造金钱的工厂
Zany imposed, weed in my clothes, cubics is gold
Your wig’ll get told, put the realest niggas
小子 就是毒品 黑帮 毒枭
Niggas, product of cap pillers, gangbangers, and dealers
街头见证了一切 一个迫击就能击落直升飞机 (ghetto bird=直升机)
Streets keep watching, aye, click boom the ghetto bird get shot down
Straight to the top now, they want a third strike on my background
But nah homie, put the mask on when I slide on ’em
Put the cash in the safe and here’s a extra slug ‘fore I shake
You smoke faster than me with a eighth
Or better yet a wet break on a plate
点燃它燃烧你的信念 将你所有的知觉密封
Burning your faith, all your senses covered in tape
我身为蓝帮 看到任何事我都很淡定 (rags=wowen)
Fuckin’ with them boys in blue, chill out before I send them rags at you
向警察装可怜 是你们的作风
You running to the cops saying, “How we do?”
Saying it’s just rap and them lines ain’t true
所以我只做我自己 去他妈的 我身边的女人越多越好
So I just do Q, fuck it, a ménage à two, or maybe trois
我可以满足妹子的任何需要 我知道她们从小就缺男人照顾
Baby girl need a papa, I be her dada
生理上的满足 我该赞美一下真主
Coochie smacking, give praise to Allah
把大麻带入圣城 这就是所谓的矛盾
Get blazed in mecca, with Oxymoron
[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Rock got it
Rock came from rock bottom
点燃我身上的火焰 我还是这里最强大的Rapper
Sparked the flames, still remain as a top shotta
我不是一个玩文字游戏的歌手 我只写我知道的事
I ain’t no backpack rapper, I ain’t no lyricist
如果我们不鸟你 那就管好你自己的事情
And if we ain’t talking to you, mind your business then
向黑肤的嬉皮士致敬 我们是无情的黑鬼
Cold with it, Black Hippy, yeah, we cold niggas
All the girlies love us, get a whiff of us
我听说一些小丑想赶我们下台 但他们无非是一些鼠辈罢了
They bones quiver, heard some clown throwing stones at us
快顾好你的脑袋 一旦枪声响起你的头就会被射飞
Holding boulders champ once you hear that “YAWK,” watching domes shatter
我们是圈内的主宰 其他歌手跟病猫一样
It’s Top Dawg we runnin’ rap, whack rappers, feline
Reason why we don’t run with cats
Nine double O five nine, where my family at
像装满工具的工人一样 我们把枪装在停在家旁边的面包车中
Pull up in that family van holding tools like the handyman
忘却那些条条框框 我只想要真实
And to be real not with all this rapping politickin’
在歌手之间的竞争 我的地位稳步高升
Rapper competition, wrapped up my position
直到我终结 直到我赚到足够的票子
‘Til I’m finished, ’til I make a couple tickets
Then I’m outtie on them islands with my crimmies chillin’
掩盖了情感 请问要人怎么活
Hide your feelings, now can I live?
听着我要让我的双脚站稳 活在大地的最顶端
Look I gotta keep my feet on top of the dirt
不管我走到哪里 人们都愿意听我做的音乐
Cause everywhere I go they like “When you dropping some work?”
Been a threat since birth
The rap game’s pallbearer when I’m droppin’ the hearse
对它来说我不是新鲜人 我只是对它最真实的
I ain’t new to this, I’m true to this
行业里的噩梦 像我Nike鞋上的猩红鞋带
Industry’s nightmare, red strings in my Nike Airs
耶 就是那双白的 我是Jay Rock 美国的最高通缉
Yeah, the white pair, I’m Jay Rock, America’s most wanted
My charges? Killing MC’s without warning

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
我是Ab-Soul 记得那首gimme the loot吧 我就像瘦版的B.I.G
It’s Ab-Soul, gimme the loot, I’m the skinny Biggie
在纽约城我有老爹作为靠山 在一起我们就吞云吐雾
In New York City with Puffy, puffing a sticky
可所有的人都不看好我 即使我有了重大突破
All odds against me, still even the score
Probably why I’m always OT on tour
当你看到TDE 相信我我们时刻都充满战意
TDE, believe me we want war
I don’t even know what piece I like most no more
和平 战斗 究竟什么区别
Two fingers, two triggers, what’s the difference?
总有一天我们会归西 可那一天我会让自己得到回报
We all gon’ die one day, until then I’m gettin’ paid
My grandma watching so I ain’t gon’ curse
我的歌词仍然像Wale的一样天才 像大麻一样给你冲击(backwood 香烟品牌)
Still gifted like a Wale verse, backwood full of OG
Bobby Johnson的下场像苦药一样警惕我不要得到相同的下场
Bobby Johnson medicine in my soul to trynna dodge the coffin
And these days are so bittersweet
I guess it’s just a balance we battle naturally
And y’all still trippin’ off of Jay-Z tweets
I still got laps to run when me and Jay-Z meet
Peep, Soul brother number two
第一个为CL smooth谱写旋律的人(这里的CL smooth不是吴悠的那个街球队)
The first one used to make beats for CL Smooth
Top got the S550 but the CL smooth
And rolling weed is the only time I see L’s move

[Verse 4: Isaiah Rashad]
I think I found my second home
Sunny California and it’s your little nigga brother
他们告诉我 你不属于阴暗的角落
You ain’t meant for corners, it’s what they told me
所以带着我车上的美女 我从不回头(shell在有些地域的方言中有美女的意思)
So I never looked back, I got a shell in the bag
她拥有硕大的美臀 所以我要好好的和她调情
Fat as elephant ass, so we flirt in the path
用挑逗的言语取悦她 告诉她我们在飞翔(propeller形容男人对女性圆滑)
Passing propellers I tell her, tell her we flying just listen
See we diamond just shining and they gon’ find us glistening
把小伙伴带到海滩 临走时我们也不会放过你的女人们
Brought sand to the beach and we left with your bitch
吉尼斯记录们小心 我的存在就是你们的威胁
For the record in Guinness I’m a hecklin’ menace
你想把掠夺的东西还回去?操 我只管好我的事儿 (Robin=robbing Given=givin)
Where is Robin, I’m Given’, fuckin’ minding my business
不管男女 在性诱惑面前都是牺牲品
He a regular victim, of some regular in women
我不甘心做一个嫖客 不像你臣服于妓女
Regular niggas, you always cater to sluts
你这种人只会浪费我的时间 只会弄虚作假
You always wasting my time, you always faking the funk
I put your motherfuckin’ dream in your face
You keep lookin’ for some women to be all in your face
That deep dussy reach niggas, keep dussy
但我没有忘了理想 坚持创作
That Tennessee dussy make a nigga be dussy
你不会比我成功 因为你没有对音乐的投入
You can never rap better than me, cause you ain’t dedicated
不是因为你被低估 不是因为你的长相不好
You ain’t underrated, you ain’t underlooked
你也没有被超额作秀 只是你还没有成熟
You ain’t overbooked, you just undercooked
It’s supposed to be me and my niggas in the record book
但这里现在只留下了我 他们放弃了仍然天真的像个傻逼
Now they got me out here by myself still fresh as fuck

[Verse 5: Kendrick Lamar]
向Face mob致敬 我对你们的恨意让我有了取代你们的念头(Face mob 90年代的一个西海岸著名说唱团体)
I hate y’all, I’d do anything to replace y’all, shout out to Face Mob
就算我现在飞黄腾达 可贫民窟的烙印深深的打在我的心上
A ghetto boy ’til I’m unemployed with a day job
去你们的吧 我真是想给你们的认知一点儿颜色看看
And kicking boxes, I kick ass and then kick knowledge
比起那些什么都不懂的学霸来说 我更加的被精心雕琢
I’m way more polished than 99% of the scholars you thought had graduated
I’m the master that masturbated on your favorite emcee
凌辱到他们的极限 直到这个圈子想要将我抹杀
Until the industry had wanted me assassinated
You either corny or an opportunist
你是我养的狗 但现在你还是回到教堂在进餐过程中偷些饼干吃吧
I let you eat, now go back to church and steal crackers at communion
而我在做什么 我将要去成就达芬奇密码
What I been doing? I’m about to crack the Da Vinci Code
是的 没有什么东西脱离了控制还和原来一样
Yeah, and nothing’s been the same since they dropped Control
And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes
哈 哈 是我对你的玩笑 来击个掌
Ha-ha, joke’s on you, high-five
我坚如磐石 你的子弹永远不会击穿我
I’m bulletproof, your shots’ll never penetrate
和我玩给驴子接尾巴的游戏 小子 你耍赖了
Pin a tail on a donkey, boy, you been a fake
我对HipHop有自己的掌控力 在任何游戏中我也各种将你们针对
I got my thumb on Hip Hop, and my foot in the back of your ass
Aftermath get the last laugh
I serve niggas like master Geoffrey
把软蛋洗脑成为战争机器 能冲破一切障碍
Jump on the curb, turn a shotty to a verb if you let me
你知道我是一个杀手 我的枪口已经对准了你的头 你知道我是一个杀手
You know I’m a killer, I’m on your head, you know I’m a killer
我们在西海岸的事就是让弱者退出说唱圈 直到我们的生命结束(Cosa Nostra=our thing)
The West Coast Cosa Nostra under oath ’til it’s over
你欠我们的太多了 这他妈是什么结果?
You over owe us, so what the fuck?
作为回报我要把你的所有人都干掉 让你的婊子来舔我
I fuck you niggas up, I fuck you niggas up, she suck and fuck
I fuckin’ duck you fuckin’ niggas like when I want
你朝我们走来 想让我们颜面尽失
You go at us, you going fuckin’ nuts
可你只是在装 我该回敬你一颗子弹和一瓶特效药
Acting irrational, pop you then pop an Adderall
知道你做事情就像一个蠢货 黑鬼
Know the drill like a lateral, nigga
和平都是扯蛋 我是一个冷血杀手(Pappy Mason 80年代皇后区毒枭)
I’m more Pappy Mason than Pastor Mason
我反复沉思 灵感像竞速一样争分夺秒的流出(Daytons 一个轮毂品牌)
Pacing back and forth, racing my thoughts on embracing Daytons
我让这场游戏的火候调到最高 让鲜血四溅 染红我的围裙
I spilled blood on my apron cooking this shit up
I feel like some of y’all is hating
不夸张的说 你马子的屁股应该感激我去安抚它
Quite frankly your bitch booty should thank me for grabbing it
我把这些村姑变成了女明星 是不是很神奇
Turn these hoodrats to actresses, what a magic trick?
Accidents never happen when murder’s involved
如果想让我为你琢磨些想法那就跟着我 如果需要我就找我
Emaculate tactics so follow me, if you need me just call on me
当我说:等等 不是这样的
I say “Hold up, wait a minute
Your career ain’t shit unless you got some Kendrick in it!”
你的逼什么都不是 我的老二它装不下
Your pussy ain’t shit, ain’t no room is left on my dick
除非你长的像Jordin Sparks 在你的逼上弄上我的唇印 mua~
Unless you look like Jordin Sparks, make my mark on the clitoris, muah
身处好莱坞的感觉真好 我不再是那个过去卖掉妈妈首饰的人
Hollywood’s been good to me, lil’ hood nigga used to pawn mom’s jewelry
Family jewels big as fuck and I got the balls to say it
深入其中 花的钱足足可以换掉斯帕丁的生产线
Balls deep, ballin’ out ’til Spalding need a replacement
我就在这里说唱 让你们的话题已经离不开西部 耶(chea=yea)
I’m outchea, the West in your mouth, chea
Invest in the vests of Vietnam vets when you out near
为官之人得意 开启一瓶瓶庆祝胜利的红酒(Merlot 做红酒的一种葡萄)
The white court building spilling its Merlot
倾倒在妇女身上 可惜对一个处女的感情就能发展这个行业
Fillin’ women, a Virgo, pimp the industry
Remember these Stacy Adams and furcoats
颤抖了吧 我的存在让你不敢面对死亡
Shook, you’re scared to death, you’re scared to look
In the mirror when Kendrick is near you
王者 Kendrick
King, Kendrick



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