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Heaven Yea
Audio Push
Produced By PriceTag
Album 90951

[Verse 1: Price]
Iverson I 3’s, I kick ID’s 上脚艾弗森三代 我马踏飞燕
IPhone, IG’s, where the time go? 拿起手机 刷Instagram 我打发时间
Feel like I’ve been living my life with a blindfold 就像我过完一生还被蒙着眼
Eyes closed, on a quest for truth like 闭眼静思 寻求真相
What can I do to help diffuse 束手无措我思想散漫
The pain of my neglected youth? 被忽视的青春疼痛艰难
Of course a nigga want to flex, it’s cool 意在享受这也理所当然
But my people need an extra boost 我的兄弟却不满足与此
Well, look, we can start with Hell 好吧 你看 我们把罪恶挂在嘴边
People say “hell yeah”, ain’t nothin’ yeah about Hell 词不达意却在不经意间
The Law of Attraction is real 引力法则并非虚言
【Law of Attraction含义类似因果福报】
And what you speak is eventually revealed 因果福报言多必失
Chill, Price, cause that’s the truth 别急着劝 我句句属实
You know they don’t like how that taste 后果降临人皆避之
Well I refuse to be another black face 我不想再过这罪恶的生活
Lost, chasing cheese in a rat race 人生迷失 在笼中觅食
Look, I’m on a mission headin’ towards the ceiling 听着 我有着迈向辉煌的梦想
But I can’t ignore the feeling 但这感受抹之不去
The government settin’ up drive-bys for organ stealings 政府为了器官犯罪在想方设法
And blamin’ other blacks for the killings 把锅甩给黑人把无辜谋杀
You like her pics cause they more revealin’ 你赞她照片是精虫上脑
You chasin’ hits cause it’s more appealin’ 你无脑跟风是谋取关注
According to the blogs or according to the clowns who can’t 迷上那些一事无成什么都不会的网红和键盘侠
sing a note or play a fucking instrument at all damn 这些纸老虎都去他妈
Y’all gon’ make me blow a fucking head gasket 弄得我都想一枪崩了你丫
I’m black Jesus with a bread basket 我是播撒福报的黑肤救世主
I’m tryna feed my people, carry ’em to the light 我要抚养我的信徒 带领他们走向幸福
I already had to carry my cousin’s casket 沉湎心痛送走我的表兄
I gotta carry too much casket (R.I.P) 我得渡更多人往生
Ain’t nothin’ heavier than that 责任艰巨不可比拟
If this a fight then I ain’t ready for the match 倘若这是场竞赛那我还未准备充足
Cause I’d do anything to bring my niggas back 因为所有的兄弟都等着我来救赎
But, see that’s why we gotta prosper 这便是为何我们必须成功
Momma had to do it no papa 没有父爱我也曾体会艰苦
Drama everyday this shit ain’t no soap opera 每日上演着真实的戏码这不是肥皂剧
Days of our lives we ain’t lettin’ shit stop us 过好每一天没有什么阻挡前路
Gotta pull up to the meals in the [?] 珍惜上天赐予的食物
Gotta have my sack right for the pocket watches 珍惜现在拥有的一切
Black man, dyin’ on his back like a [?] 无辜的生命就这样消逝
Black man, nine on his back, Iguodala 无量的勇气就这样使出
【这里应该是借用NBA勇士队球星Andre Iguodala押韵】
That’s Price 这便是代价

[Hook: Oktane]
Gettin’ money livin’ large? 财源滚滚生活锦绣
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 活的潇洒 天堂一游
Proud of who you are? 相信自己不必忧愁
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 活的潇洒 天堂一游
Got your momma out the hood? 家庭福佑万事不愁
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 活的潇洒 天堂一游
And are your peoples livin’ good? 兄弟姐妹安好与否
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 活的潇洒 天堂一游

I been on a mission, so long 一路走来 我任重道远
I can’t keep on livin’, all alone 只身前行 我一心弘毅

[Verse 2: Oktane]
If money’s what you call riches 倘若有钱便是富裕
I don’t got that type of riches 那我则是永远贫瘠
A richness is life and livin’ 真正的富裕是走好人生路
I’m just tryna make the right decisions 我仅希望能做好决定
See they want us to fight the system 他们教唆着与制度作对
I’d rather get high and light some incense 我更想点根烟享受悠闲
I’d rather turn my phone off then fight with you over retweetes, likes, and mentions 我更想关掉手机不愿在网上撕逼
Yeah, fake trends don’t make you woke 虚假的头条激不起你的兴趣
And no money don’t make you broke 没有金钱也可以活得激情
And being saved don’t make you pope 禁得起考验并不是幸运
So don’t judge, nigga show love 做断言之前 先用爱体验
Cause I learned more through a beat than I ever learned in a seat 比起享受从艰苦磨练中我领悟的更多
So let me speak my piece 就让我来诉说
If the kids try love things get deep 倘若孩子们被爱迷惑
Hearts get chilly, TLC creep 内心会变得冷酷 成长只能止步
And it’s fuck love, give me drugs 去他妈的爱情 还不如吸毒
Ugly friends want a hug, fine girls want a thug 丑人求拥护 佳人想呵护
Thugs cry, homies die, women lie, numbers don’t 硬汉也柔情 家破有流离 女人的谎言 数不胜数
They get changed can’t reach ’em or teach ’em 一切都在变 难以触及又无法教唆
Hot damn that boy preachin’ 快看那些宣扬布道的孩子
Breathe in, you’re stretchin’ 深呼吸 你将获得洗礼
I guess that leaves me one question 这一切我仅有一个问题
I gotta ask 我要问询

[Hook 2: Oktane]
Do you love who you are? 你是否爱着你自己
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 毫无疑问爱如天庭
Do you align your stars? 你是否有目的前行
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 毫无疑问迈向天庭
Are you down to Mars? 你是否会停留火星
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 毫无疑问那是目的
Do you know the world is ours? 这世界是否属于你
Heaven yeah, Heaven yeah 毫无疑问必须坚信

I been on a mission, so long 一路走来 我任重道远
I can’t keep on livin’, all alone 只身前行 我一心弘毅


[Outro Skit]
This is 90951 News, Too Much Fly High here in Riverside, California. On the scene at Restoration of Jubilee Church where they are having a special event today for all women. Independent women, married women, single women, mothers, aunties, and everything in between. It’s women’s appreciation this Sunday, and the entire city is out for it. If you have time, bring the family and come down and enjoy this special event. We’ll be here all day

现在播放90951新闻,主持人Too Much Fly High现在正在加利福尼亚州的里弗赛德县。我们看到这里的Jubilee教堂今日正在为所有女性进行这一个特殊的活动。独立女性,已婚女性,单身女性,母亲们,大妈们,许许多多的女性们都来到这里。这个周日这里进行着女性感恩活动,整个城市都在为之忙碌。如果您也有时间,带着您的佳人来这里享受这场特殊的盛宴。我们在里等着您的到来。



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