A$AP Rocky Ft. Kendrick Lamar,Joey Bada$$,YelaWolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T. – 1 Train

A$AP Rocky Ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, YelaWolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T. – 1 Train 中英双语非官方MV




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ASAP Rocky – 1 Train 一厢情愿
Ft: Action Bronson, Big KRIT, Danny Brown, Joey BADA$$, Kendrick Lamar & Yelawolf

[Produced by Hit-Boy]

[Verse 1: ASAP Rocky]
Feeling like a vigilante or a missionary 像是一名自卫队员或者传教士
Tell my A$AP killers get they pistols ready 告诫我所有A$AP兄弟都要武装待命
Send ’em to the cemetary with obituaries 带着悼词将尸体屯进墓地
【引用Nas单曲A Queen’s Story】
Don’t be scared, nigga, is you ready? 不要胆怯 伙计 心里没底?
I’ve been thinking ’bout all the O’s in my bank account (What?) 我日夜眷恋于账户里的积蓄
X the hoes in my bed is ’round the same amount (What?) 床上佳人玲琅满目数不胜数
Ever since this new star fame came about 在我成名之前就已荣华富裕
Or ever since me and Drizzy started hangin’ out 或是自从我和Drake混在一起
Young boy, let his gun bang, let his nuts hang 年轻气盛 敢做敢当 疯狂不羁
Transition to a Lamborghini from a Mustang 豪车从野马到兰博基尼的变迁
Drugs slang in the drug game with the hustling 毒圈里财源不断黑话连篇
(I know one thing) Anything is better than that 1 Train 我仅知晓 任何事情都比得上一厢情愿
【1 Train是纽约最臭名昭著的一路火车,不仅慢而且服务态度极差,Rocky是想表示富有总比贫穷好】
Bag made of Goyard, cheffin’ like I’m Boyar- 皮包戈雅定制 制毒如Boyardee般弥散
【Chef Boyardee是美国家喻户晓的快餐店,随处可见】
Dee, probably selling D in your local courtyard 也许我正在你家院子里做着交易
【D双关,一指Dope,二只D’Angelo在HBO的The Wire中扮演毒贩子的故事情节】
Braids like I’m O-Dog, my la familia go hard 绑起O-Dog同款脏辫 和兄弟们奋斗谋生
Down to my inlaws, they outlaws with no laws 看似规矩守法 实则放肆猖狂

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
We outlawed then I bogart, any pros that got ‘proached at 像博加特般逍遥法外 赞成观点站得住脚
【Humphrey Bogart,奥斯卡影帝】
With a toe-tag, get broke off, in the projects with a skateboard 带好的脚标 全部扯掉 我骑滑板逍遥
【break off双关,一指撤掉太平间内辨认尸体的脚标,使其谋杀难以定罪,二,break off也是滑板运动的术语】
I roll past and I blaze y’all like, “DOO DOO!” I hate y’all 滑板飞跃 对你们开枪疯狂扫射 憎恶不是一天两天
When the beef cooked, I ate y’all like, “Mmm mmm,” 牛肉烹调 吞咽你们这些美味佳肴
Let’s play ball in a ballpark with all sharks and a blindfold 让我们蒙着眼同梦魇球场切磋
【指k.dot在圈子中出生入死,引用Smoke DZA和K.Dot合作曲目Ball Game】
I rhyme cold, my K hot, your 9 cold, that bark like K9’s on 我押韵冷酷流苏 AK炽热如警犬狂吠让你G9薄面难堪
【K和9表示枪械AK47和Glock 9,同时承接上句表示球类游戏中的strikeout和9 innings,K9也指警犬】
That banana clip, straight from the rip 香蕉弹夹上膛 送你西天不待彷徨
【Banana Clip是高容量弹夹的俚语】
I’ll make that shirt say RIP, I’m on some shit 我会让你躺枪 你懂我干的行当
If I’m not the hottest then Hell must’ve froze over 倘若我不是最火那地狱定会冻结封存
You thought it was safe then forgot what the code was 你以为自己人身安全但忘却了自己的资本
I carry traits of a traumatized soldier 我是受过精神创伤的战士
Don’t look in my face, I might snap, I might choke ya 别盯着我看 我会激愤 让你哽咽无言
Spine right out of place, give me dap like you ‘posed ta 我会让你脊椎错位 以后最好对我放尊敬些
Darts at your posters, dark nights like this 你就是靶心 我们便是黑夜将领
I metamorph like I’m ‘posed ta, I might slice my wrist 我在不断蜕变 也会割腕留恋
Or pretend like a vulture and drop off this cliff 或是扮成秃鹫从悬崖飞跃

[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]
Barely even conscious, talking to my conscience 英勇乃至清醒 我与良知滔滔
Gettin’ deeper in these flows like conches 我的flow如同音波在海螺中回响
I’m on my convict, don’t drop bars, I drop prisons 我臭名昭著 不去酒吧只在监狱光顾
Don’t sell rocks seen the spectrum through the prisms 跨越毒品交易看到的是锦绣人生路
Somehow bypassed the bias and the -isms 不知何故陷入爱好和主义思想的回路
The violence and the killin’, so given 暴力和谋杀应当就此打住
They seen my pigment and thought that was the ign’ance 他们仅凭我的肤色和名字就妄为判断
【致敬Nas单曲The Don】
Unfortunately I am not that type of niglet 不好意思我可不是你们想象中的愚昧货色
But pass the pot let me skillet 弹掉烟灰我得大嘬一口
【Pass The Pot指Pass The Weed,Skillet表示Skill it或飞叶子工具】
Just got back to the block from a 6 o’clock with Jigga 早上六点和Jay-Z一起回街头悠闲
And I’m thinkin’ ’bout signin’ to the Roc 我还在考虑是否签给Roc-A-Fella唱片
But my niggas on the block still assigned to the rocks 但我的瓷们却仍在街头贩毒
And I swear it hurt me soul 谁能解我心头之苦
【致敬Lupe Fiasco】
I try to prevail, but when I preach it only hurt their sales 我试图说服 但这只会吞下更深的毒
Like you’re only gon’ end up either dead or in jail 就像你自己飞黄腾达却弃友人不顾
【致敬Kanye West】
But you my nigga, wish you the best for real 但是兄弟 衷心祝愿你能过的幸福

[Verse 4: Yelawolf]
When you mention my name amongst other white rappers 当你们拿我的名字和别的白人Rapper作比
Or for that matter, any fuckin’ rapper, fuck it 或是和别的Rapper比还是其他原因 去你妈的
Painter, skater, musician, trailer park dirt ditch diggin’ 啥画家滑板玩家音乐家拖车土沟仔都在扯屁
Burger flippin’, eat, sleep, shittin’ human bein’, you would be in 啥吃了睡睡了吃的垃圾货色就是你
Trouble to body double or couple me to these others 我单枪匹马把你们拿下
Cause comparatively speakin’, my reach is beyond the bubble 整天比来比去 我目标高远毫不在意
That they put me in, my vision’s beyond the Hubble’s 没法把我比下去 我在哈勃望远镜都看不到的天际
I huddle with Nubians, new beginning again 我同努比亚人打交道 一切重新开始
You in school at 10, late, Radioactive’s goin’ gold 而你们10岁才接受教育 我上张专辑早都卖到黄金
And so? GREAT. Do I give a flying duck 说明何意?我太牛逼 你们这些垃圾不能比
If I’m applyin’ love to my rhymin’ plus alignin’ us? 我倾注了爱排版了我的所有韵脚
Alabama’s climbin’ up, wait, no I don’t give a 阿拉巴马雄起 你丫滚一边去
Flying duck, nothing but a buckshot, Ch, pow! 吹逼的垃圾 我一枪解决你
【引用NES的游戏Duck Hunt】
Motherfuck your life, pussy blood clot 你的生活关我鸟事 娘炮傻逼
【Blood Clot是牙买加口语,表示pussy,fuck等侮辱性词语】
Ain’t never been no rapper this cold since 2Pac was froze 自从2Pac去世之后再没人比我冷酷
And thawed out for a spot date at a Coachella show, Yelawolf 在Coachella音乐节重生 依旧我行我素

[Verse 5: Danny Brown]
Weed a different color like a hoodrat bra and panties 叶子颜色变得像女士内衣
【指purple weed,一种大麻】
And my flow be overhead like pots and pans in pantries 我的flow像储藏间的锅碗瓢盆般疯癫
Antsy cause I’m high like Michael Jackson penny loafers 我飞的太大能像迈克尔杰克逊45度倾斜
Moonwalkin’ on the sun, barefoot, with shades on 在烈日上月球漫步 赤足不留痕迹
Bitch pussy smell like a penguin 婊砸你的是不是有白带异常
Wouldn’t hit that shit with my worst enemy’s penis 我和敌人结盟也不想给你爽
Bitch when I say this I mean this: Ho, I’m the meanest 妹子我只想说我最尖酸刻薄
Dick so big, stretch from Earth to Venus 屌太大 横穿地球直到金星
That molly got me nauseous, aw shit, no off switch 这白粉搞得我恶心 又不吸不行
Lawless, obnoxious, on that “suck my cock” shit 无法无天令人讨厌 不爽就来跪舔
That is my synopsis, ostrich posh shit 这便是我的简历 我品味无二独一
Hoes on some goth shit, stop it! You not this! 女人热衷哥特黑衣 可别 你驾驭不起
Novice, regardless, heartless and awkward 你们还太嫩 心狠手辣却十足尴尬
Cryin’ tears of vodka prima donna at the concert 公共场合灌醉自己祈求同情
Adonis smokin’ chronic ’bout to vomit gin and tonic 我好似飞草又喝多的阿多尼斯
Just bein honest, tell me, isn’t that ironic? 句句属实 告诉我这是不是很讽刺

[Verse 6: Action Bronson]
Swiftly, I shift the Bimmer 860 我驾驶宝马860狂奔疾驰
A heavy smoker so you know I brought the Blake with me 毒瘾太大 除了Blake没人敢和我一起
The moon’s reflection off the lake hit me 湖中的月光倒影将我人生指引
You should’ve stayed with me, now many Asian bitches lay with me 你不该离我而去 如今我已满肠花心
The face is silky like a tablecloth 老哥的脸如桌布丝滑
My shorty gallop in the morning on the beach like a Chilean horse 我的女人高贵美艳犹如智利骏马
Red roses dropped from boxes very often 倒下纸盒玫瑰落地
Confetti torchin’, drinking Henny like I’m Kenny Lofton 畅饮轩尼诗犹如肯尼般
【Kenny Lofton是美国职业棒球联盟明星】
Outstandin’ 优雅
I fixed the game between Georgia Southern and Gramblin’ 欣赏着佐治亚州和格兰布林的棒球比赛
You see us scrambling, selling Susan Sarandon 看我们争夺前进 贩卖毒品
【Susan Sarandon是电影Stepmom中的角色,也吸大麻】
The cloud of smoke like the phantom 吞云吐雾一切犹如幻影
Damn this shit tastes like fantastic 真他妈是人间美味
You see me comin’ through in each state 看我跑遍全国各地
Just so the lord could put the fork inside the cheesecake 就像那吃货眼中的上帝
Cuffed to my wrist I’ve got the briefcase 随身带上公文箱铐在手腕上
The gavel slam, I’m a free man, try not to eat ham 法槌敲响 我重获自由 违法之事休想

[Verse 7: Big KRIT]
Big KRIT, shawty Big KRIT在此
Spit like my last breath: casket rap, six deep 写下我的绝句 谋杀这首歌曲
Eyes closed, the black is back, out come the ‘Lac with flats 死后重生 老子开着凯迪拉克飞奔
【black is back这里也指黑色凯迪拉克】
After that, bottles I can’t pronounce, like, “How you ask for that?”完事喝点小酒 这酒名到底怎么读?
Why you ask for crack and all you had was scratch? 向我索取毒品你为何却只聊性事?
【scratch这里表示sexual engagement】
All I had was rap, when all they had was wack 我只玩说唱 其他垃圾都比不上
All I wanted was love, all they had was dap 我只求真爱 其他除了装逼都是废材
Fuck them haters and fuck them hoes, a championship win is 去他妈的黑子和婊子 真正的赢家在此
The aftermath, ask LeBron, open palm slap a bitch 后果如何 去问詹姆斯 失败才是该死
Walk the plank or break a bank, I’ve been in the business of sinkin’ ships 是放弃还是逃避 我也曾在事业上低迷
【Walk the plank指giving up,break a bank指stealing】
Chokin’ niggas out with the anchors that they anchor with 用实力谋杀现在的说唱垃圾
Resuscitations cost the label, I’m taxing if you want a hit 复出已经没戏 想红没我不行
Clear, fuck your career, bitch, I was born here 去你妈的说唱生涯 这里我是老大
Been a killer, ’86er, nigga, that’s my born year 杀意淋漓 伙计 86一代我最牛逼
【Big KRIT生于1986年】
Get the fuck from ’round here, that’s just my country ways 都滚一边去 这是我的为人之道
Suckin’ on your momma’s titty, bitchin’ while I was choppin’ blade 丫还刚出生 我就在道上混
Grippin’ grain, fuckin’ hoes, candy paint like Everglades 豪车坐骑 大玩车震 车漆彩喷
Miss me with that rapper chatter, take that shit up with my bass 没工夫和这些垃圾beef 我听南部脏口逍遥驰骋
I put that on my sub, how could you ever doubt me? 认真起来我自己都怕 你还有什么闲话
Most rappers hoping the world end so they won’t have to drop another album 说唱歌手们祈求着世界末日从此不用出歌
B.B. King saw the king in me, so why can’t you? BB King都看得上我 你又算哪根葱?
In order to come up close, you’ll have to dig up Cash and Elvis, too 想跟我套近乎 看你适合乡村民歌
(That wasn’t no sample nigga!)(这可不是采样啊兄弟!)
【指Krit和传奇BB King合作而非采样他的歌曲】
Muddy water flow, Dixie rebel past 马迪沃特斯般的flow 种族不再有歧视
【Muddy Waters,介于查理·帕顿与B.B.金(B.B.King)之间最伟大的布鲁斯音乐家之一】
Fuck your Louis flag, popping benji tags on your wifey’s ass 去他妈的装逼 我钱都花给脱衣舞女
That’s out of line, but in living color? 说的跑了题 但至少你懂我的意思
I’m more like Miya Bailey on you rap motherfuckers, a true artist 更像说唱圈的Miya Bailey 代表着密西西比
【Krit来自密西西比州,Miya Bailey有着密西西比字样的纹身】



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